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I am a Blackjack and Roulette dealer in Las Vegas at a major Las Vegas Strip property. I have knowledge of all the table games. I have seen and done it all in over 8 years as a table games dealer here in Sin City. I love my job and industry. I wouldn't trade it for the world! Ask me anything and everything. My life is like a real-life Hangover experience. Well, okay it's not but it sounded good didn't it?

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Last Answer on March 09, 2016

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If a player is caught card counting, is he just forced to leave, or are there criminal charges? Is he forced to give back his winnings?

Asked by Jones over 11 years ago

He will be forced to leave the property. The winnings are his to keep. There are no criminal charges. There is no way to prove someone is counting cards, at least the smart ones never can get convicted of anything. Like I said, counting isn't illegal and the winnings are the players to keep.

I've played blackjack casually (couple times a year) for a long time, and never once I have bought insurance. And I never really see anyone else do it either. Are there any no brainer scenarios where insurance is the right move?

Asked by maestro phil over 11 years ago

It's extremely ill-advised to purchase insurance, ever. The only scenario I can really see someone buying insurance and it making sense if you're betting like $5000 on a hand, you get a 20 (nothing lower) and I show an Ace. That way, worst case scenario is a push. Otherwise, never EVER purchase insurance. I have a rule as a dealer: If the casino offers it to you, it's a bad idea. That goes for free drinks, side bets, insurance, etc.

I've been told again and again that a player should never leave a winning table, but that seems like silly superstitious stuff rather than any real math or science. Agree or disagree?

Asked by Mark over 11 years ago

It's silly and superstitous. However, a "winning table" is a vague definition. If a table has won 8-10 hands in a row I wouldn't leave on the win. But if the shoe is over, you're up and reached your goal, get out. Don't let the other players coax you into staying. Ultimately, it's your money and your decision on when to leave.

I've heard some people swear by double-exposure blackjack, saying they win 60-70% of the time. I assume they're FOS, but what do you think?

Asked by Gunnar5 over 11 years ago

I believe they are wrong. Any gimmick game designed by someone and approved to be in a major Strip casino is slanted so heavily in the favor of the casino that there is absolutely no way you will win 60-70% of the time. Of course, your friend is getting lucky but in the long run that will undoubtedly change.

I've recently noticed that BJ dealers have gotten really aggressive in forcing you to color up when you get up to leave - I even had one pit boss tell me it was a casino rule when I refused, which I'm pretty sure is not true. Is this a new phenomenon, and what's the reason for it? (My friend says it's so they can report your exact wins and losses to the IRS.)

Asked by hassan15 over 11 years ago

As far as I know, it's definitely not a casino rule. In fact, we are encouraged to have our customers (players) NOT color up. The theory behind that being, if they walk away from my table with a bunch of $5 chips as opposed to a black ($100) chip, they will be more likely to stop at another table and play out the remaining lower denomination chips. What you are describing is a new phenomenon, and honestly I have yet to witness management ask me to aggressively color up. The IRS would have no knowledge of your wins/losses, unless they wanted to tap into your rewards card activity, which I believe they wouldn't have access to.

How true-to-life was 'Bringing Down The House'?

Asked by alex over 11 years ago

I believe it to be 100% true. It can be and was done. It can still be pulled off in today's world, but it'll be alot harder. I firmly believe it to be 100% true and accurate.

Is it true that Vegas dealers make a lot more salary-wise than dealers at non-Vegas casinos?

Asked by devildog over 11 years ago

That's a very tricky question. First off, we are all hourly plus tips, no salary. There are a few places in Vegas that are "go for your own" meaning you take the tip box with you wherever you go. Table for table. Each casino's tip rate is different. I'm not sure how tribal gaming works their tips, but in Vegas the top-level casinos are all on par with each other tip-wise.