Geek Squad Agent/Supervisor

Geek Squad Agent/Supervisor


Unknown, TX

Male, 22

I am a BestBuy GeekSquad agent and the supervisor for computers at an American BestBuy. I've worked here for a little over a year now. I fix computers as well as motivate my team to sell them.

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Last Answer on October 07, 2014

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What's the biggest scene a customer's ever made in the store?

Asked by slenderman1 about 8 years ago

I had a drunk customer come in and she burnt her computer to spite her husband and expectEd TechSupport to fix it for her. One, that's not the protection plan, two protection plan doesn't cover fire, we make it very clear at the point of sale it doesn't.  She was not happy with us and was screaming profanities and hitting stuff and knocking stuff over. We had to call the 5-0


Today, a customer who was the wife of a strip club chain owner threw her phone at us, the fact that he made it very clear he owned strip clubs was amusing. That and his wife threw her phone at one of my guys. We kindly handed it back to her.

What's the single highest-margin item or service that GeekSquad sells/performs?

Asked by D0000bs about 8 years ago

It's not really abut margin, in this day and age we try our best to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction. So to answer your question, there isn't really a single item or service that would be the highest margin, the protection plans vary depending on the price of the computer.

What kind of commissions to Best Buy employees get for selling computers, and does it make you try and sell the most expensive computers you can?

Asked by Marissa G about 8 years ago

Contrary to popular belief we do not get comission, I will always sell the customer a computer that I think best suits his or her needs. Depending on what they're using it for. I'd rather have a customer be happy with a $300 i3 than a $1500 i7 for a grandma that does nothing but play solitare and farmville.

If Geek Squad can't fix something, do they still charge me?

Asked by Terry almost 8 years ago

It depends on what you mean, we're allowed to look at your device for 15 minutes without charging you. Then if we can we will explain to you what's wrong, what needs to be done and how much it'd cost.  Most of our repairs are warranties that get shipped off or GS protection claims that either get junked or fixed. 

As someone who takes apart products for a living, does any one brand (Apple? or otherwise) have noticeably well designed / elegant INSIDES?

Asked by Favre almost 8 years ago

Apple computers obviously takes the cake. Their insides are gorgeous and very well packed but that also makes them a pain in the neck to get to. Come to think of it computers (laptops) are A LOT harder to deal with now than they were 5 years ago.

Is GeekSquad independent of Best Buy and you're just stationed in their stores, or do you work for BB / get hired by BB etc, but just get to wear different color shirts?

Asked by Salas-verga almost 8 years ago


What is Geek Squad's hiring process? Is there formal training? And what kind of tests or requirements are involved. I'm just in high school, but am really good with computers, but don't know if I would be hired. Thanks!

Asked by Damian almost 8 years ago