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I've been an audiologist for 16 years. I work with all types of patients, focusing on balance disorders, tinnitus, and hearing aids. As I have worked in an Ear, Nose, Throat setting much of my career, I am also exposed to much of the medical side of audiology. ASK ME ANYTHING about being an audiologist.

DISCLAIMER: If you feel that you have a hearing or balance issue, please be sure to see your local ENT or audiologist. This Q&A is not designed to treat or diagnose your problems.

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Last Answer on March 21, 2020

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Do audiologists perform surgery of any kind?

Asked by brikhaus over 11 years ago

Not at this time, nor do we prescribe medications. But as the profession develops, you never know.

Does hearing loss count as a disability?

Asked by Mellie over 11 years ago

Yes...refer to the Americans with Disabilities act for more information.

My Bahamas hearing aid just stopped working almost at the end of my people class. I did not hit it by accident or got it wet. Is there any way I can fix it?

Asked by Maleena over 11 years ago

I am unclear of your question.  If your hearing aid was purchased in the Bahamas but is made by an international manufacturer, you can call the manufacturer directly and find a local audiologist to address the problem.

-What are the duties and responsibilities of someone working in this occupation?
-What is your background education?
-What do you dislike about your career?

Asked by Melissa_con over 10 years ago

I've answered the other parts I will focus on the "dislikes".  I think the biggest dislike is the role of audiologists in society.  We are often not considered doctors, but we are "more important" than techs.  Sometimes we are treated and thought of as techs.  We are a rather young profession, still trying to find its niche.  I wish the general population understood that we are comperable to an optometrist or that we went to school and own higher education degrees.

Hi, I just got my new hearing aids and there's a crackling sound so if its said its done with reshelling I shouldn't face any problem such like crackling sound right? n why would reshelling seems to have a crack on device?

Asked by Jn over 10 years ago

Perhaps the audiologist thought you just said a "cracking"....

can ringing in ears be stopped

Asked by SUPERJ almost 11 years ago

Alas, in most cases, the answer is no.  With the exception of a medically based tinnitus (sound in ears) that is structurally based, there is no cure for tinnitus.  90% of those who have tinnitus simply "just live with it".   Those who cannot often will benefit from tinnitus therapy.  Therapy may include the usage of a hearing aid, a device that masks tinnitus, change in diet, change in medications, accupuncture, etc.  These are not guaranteeds to work.  But again, they are TREATMENTS, not cures.

I have been told by a hearing aid sales person that a hearing aid "uses" the ear, and that if you "don't use it, you lose it". Is there any truth in this statement, or is this a "snake-oil" sales pitch?

Asked by Cam almost 11 years ago

Well, hearing aids send information to the ear.  The ear then sends information to the brain.  Whether you get hearing aids or not, the ear will age.  You cannot stop this from happening if you get hearing aids.  However, auditory processing can be adversely affected without hearing aids.  If the ear and the brain are not in communcation over a period of time, auditory pathway fibers will wear down.  We try to preserve that communication with hearing aids.  So, in THAT sense, if you don't use it, you lose it.