TV Editor

TV Editor


Los Angeles, CA

Male, 38

I edit day-of-air video segments for a national television entertainment news show. I piece together 1-3 minute segments by laying down the audio of the script (the narrative voice-over), including any “sound bites.” I then take previously-shot footage, including, but not limited too, interviews, still photographs, and graphics. I also add music and a variety of effects to these pieces.

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Last Answer on October 03, 2017

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How do you maintain focus for long editing bay marathons? Caffeine? Medication? Both?

Asked by 123call almost 6 years ago

My day is broken into two different edits. My morning edit has to be ready to air by 1 pm. There is no room for error and no time to focus on anything else. My afternoon edit, while no less important, is a bit less intense and it leaves me some breathing room as these pieces usually air at a later date. I cannot speak for other editors regarding “medications” to focus. I usually just have a cup or two of coffee and that seems to get me through the day.

Are you more motivated to work on certain types of content above others? or is a paycheck is a paycheck?

Asked by Editor Guy almost 6 years ago

I currently edit entertainment news which isn't 60 Minutes but it is what it is. And right now, in this job market, a paycheck is a paycheck. Beggars can't be choosers. It's brutal out there.

Is there any formal training required to become a TV editor, or is it more learn-as-you-go?

Asked by sliderz almost 6 years ago

One can become an editor by completing an assistantship, or by working up through the ranks as I did. However, while there is no formal training required, there are a number of bootcamps and classes devoted to learning to be an Avid editor. Best advice: get on a system and start using it!

How much of a delay is there when we watch "live" broadcasts, like sporting events or the academy awards?

Asked by munkeybarz about 5 years ago

Usually there is around a 7 second delay for any unwanted mishaps.

What do you love and hate the most about your job and working on TV?

Asked by Oleh 6 months ago

What I love most about my job is when I go home and turn on the TV and see my work. Knowing that a couple million people watch what you do every day is pretty fucking cool. What I hate? When my editing gets nitpicked or "frame fucked" (Google it) by a bunch of people who justify their high-paid, pointless jobs by making me fix things that do not need to be fixed.

Do any TV shows still use canned laughter?

Asked by Izie almost 5 years ago


Do you have any view about this 'mumblecore' nonsense?

Asked by BigBoi almost 5 years ago