TV Editor

TV Editor


Los Angeles, CA

Male, 38

I edit day-of-air video segments for a national television entertainment news show. I piece together 1-3 minute segments by laying down the audio of the script (the narrative voice-over), including any “sound bites.” I then take previously-shot footage, including, but not limited too, interviews, still photographs, and graphics. I also add music and a variety of effects to these pieces.

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Last Answer on October 03, 2017

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Do TV editors work independently, or do you work exclusively for a production company or studio?

Asked by ideation almost 6 years ago

Both. One can be a freelance editor selling their services to different studios and/or production companies, or one can be a contracted (staff) editor working for one studio or production company.

How much input do you have in sculpting the actual content? Do you get a lot of leeway or is it all up to the director?

Asked by commotion111 almost 6 years ago

It varies. Different producers do different things. Some producers let me do it all on my own, others know what they want, shot-by-shot.

What can a TV editor make in a year?

Asked by Hobbes almost 6 years ago

It varies with experience. An experienced editor can make anywhere from $500-$800 a day. In my current staff salaried position, I make $140,000/year with benefits.

I often notice actors in commercials wearing wedding rings, even when there are no other people in the commercial (and even when the product advertised seems independent of relationship dog food!) Do TV execs actually sit around and debate whether to have an actor wear a ring and what sort of considerations come into play?

Asked by grover almost 6 years ago

The director/producers probably want to convey a person of "value" in their commercials.

For anyone on a budget who's looking to do video editing at home, what software would you recommend?

Asked by Hermania almost 6 years ago

Final Cut Pro is a good program for the consumer. It's fairly easy to use and pretty cheap.

Did you ever make a serious editing flub that aired?

Asked by Brian almost 6 years ago

Via satellite feed, we received the celebrity interview at the very last moment before we had to feed our video to the East Coast stations. I had to add a ten-second sound bite from this celebrity, but I also had to cut a few words out of the middle of the sentence, which created a “jump cut.” This means the video does not flow seamlessly, and I did not have time to cover the jump cut with a different shot (i.e. a reaction shot from the interviewer). Since we were literally out of time, we had to send the video as is.

Do news anchors actually make chit-chat during closing credits, or are they just faking it?

Asked by boyle almost 6 years ago

For the most part, yes.