Private Detective

Private Detective


10 Years Experience

Anaheim, CA

Male, 40

Been a private eye for 10 years. The job's not for everyone. If you love odd hours sipping coffee in a dark parking lot waiting for something to happen you should definitely jump at this job immediately. I get hired by spouses, employers, insurance companies, and you name it as well. Oh...and I field a lot of very interesting phone calls that even the most seasoned defense attorneys would raise an eyebrow at.

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Last Answer on March 01, 2015

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If you are taken to court for misdemeanor of a minor, but lawyer didn't present all documents. What would you do?

Asked by Jane over 3 years ago


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Asked by seo training classes almost 6 years ago


What are the math classes and other classes you had to take in college?

Asked by Kassi over 5 years ago


Hi ThePIGuy, I am a non-Private Investigator layman and I am curious if I need a Private Investigator to verify if a person has: a military background, false birth certificate, death certificate and a false or new identity?


Asked by rgjun about 3 years ago


Do PIs use hearing aides to listen in on conversations and phone calls

Asked by Jimmy almost 5 years ago


Hi, would you look over a couple pictures, from a website, of someone who is supposedly dead (i'm not convinced) and give me your opinion? Nothing explicit. My email is

Asked by Edward over 3 years ago


How do you find out if someone is legit and get a background check on them ? This person is giving me the creeps or i wouldnt have asked

Asked by Hope over 3 years ago