Private Detective

Private Detective


10 Years Experience

Anaheim, CA

Male, 40

Been a private eye for 10 years. The job's not for everyone. If you love odd hours sipping coffee in a dark parking lot waiting for something to happen you should definitely jump at this job immediately. I get hired by spouses, employers, insurance companies, and you name it as well. Oh...and I field a lot of very interesting phone calls that even the most seasoned defense attorneys would raise an eyebrow at.

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Last Answer on March 01, 2015

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Asked by Diane over 1 year ago


Does the lead detective on a first degree murder case suppose to be the one doing the picture lineup or is it suppose to be a detective that is not on the case doing the lineup to the witness?

Asked by Juanita almost 2 years ago


What kinds of cases do you work most frequently and what is one of the most interesting cases you have worked (without giving away confidential info obviously)

Asked by Alex almost 2 years ago


Do city police see PI's as a nuisance, or are you generally pretty cooperative with each other? I'd imagine you don't ALWAYS have the same interests at heart…

Asked by Jose over 6 years ago


Do you have any prior law enforcement experience?

Asked by Alex almost 2 years ago


If you are taken to court for misdemeanor of a minor, but lawyer didn't present all documents. What would you do?

Asked by Jane about 1 year ago


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Asked by seo training classes about 3 years ago