Private Detective

Private Detective


10 Years Experience

Anaheim, CA

Male, 40

Been a private eye for 10 years. The job's not for everyone. If you love odd hours sipping coffee in a dark parking lot waiting for something to happen you should definitely jump at this job immediately. I get hired by spouses, employers, insurance companies, and you name it as well. Oh...and I field a lot of very interesting phone calls that even the most seasoned defense attorneys would raise an eyebrow at.

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Last Answer on March 01, 2015

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Do you have any prior law enforcement experience?

Asked by Alex 6 months ago


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Asked by seo training classes over 1 year ago


What are the math classes and other classes you had to take in college?

Asked by Kassi about 1 year ago


Do PIs use hearing aides to listen in on conversations and phone calls

Asked by Jimmy 9 months ago


Can you obtain an inmates visitor's list from a prison?

Asked by Michele almost 5 years ago


Can u obtain a visitor's list from my boyfriend in prison

Asked by Michele almost 5 years ago


Hi i have a friends whos dad has a order of protection on and he calls him often. His dad never reported him but hes qorried if the cops pull his phone records hell be arrested. Is this true? What and would happen to him?

Asked by James kim 9 months ago