Private Detective

Private Detective


10 Years Experience

Anaheim, CA

Male, 40

Been a private eye for 10 years. The job's not for everyone. If you love odd hours sipping coffee in a dark parking lot waiting for something to happen you should definitely jump at this job immediately. I get hired by spouses, employers, insurance companies, and you name it as well. Oh...and I field a lot of very interesting phone calls that even the most seasoned defense attorneys would raise an eyebrow at.

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Last Answer on March 01, 2015

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What's the biggest myth people have about what it's like to be a private detective?

Asked by Pat over 3 years ago


I am from Peru. 10 years ago I entered the USA from Juarez. first time, they Caught me.I told the officer that I was from mexico, give false name. they send me back to mexico. IS THIS A DEPORTATION? was my first , only apprehencion

Asked by carlos over 1 year ago


I bet you had cases where one of the family had gambling problems, how did they react afterwards?My brother is one of the addicted, he always play here

Asked by RickSlot about 1 year ago


Does anyone have an idea where i can get a decent gaming laptop on Cyber Monday Sales?

Asked by Mike Gardez 9 days ago