Private Detective

Private Detective


10 Years Experience

Anaheim, CA

Male, 40

Been a private eye for 10 years. The job's not for everyone. If you love odd hours sipping coffee in a dark parking lot waiting for something to happen you should definitely jump at this job immediately. I get hired by spouses, employers, insurance companies, and you name it as well. Oh...and I field a lot of very interesting phone calls that even the most seasoned defense attorneys would raise an eyebrow at.

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Last Answer on March 01, 2015

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Can you obtain an inmates visitor's list from a prison?

Asked by Michele about 4 years ago


Can u obtain a visitor's list from my boyfriend in prison

Asked by Michele about 4 years ago


How many cases are you typically working on at any one time?

Asked by ADQ about 4 years ago


How many question can i ask i just want to know and its about cheating boyfriend

Asked by Yazmin over 2 years ago


Did you ever had to call the Police for Help if a Situation got dangerous?

Asked by Lenavog85 over 1 year ago


You are a Lieutenant and have been dispatched to an active crime scene by your Chief. It is a suspected homicide in the woods. Unidentified young female with what appears to be multiple stab wounds.

You have four detectives, two sergeants and 12 officers at your disposal to secure and process the crime scene. You must assign tasks. Please keep in mind the crime scene will extend from this wooded area to any suspect’s or the victim’s; home, work, vehicle and really anywhere you have jurisdiction.

Families must be interviewed, prints run, photos taken, evidence collected. Your challenge is to manage the scene correctly.

Write out your plan here.

Asked by Nana. 3 months ago


What is the profit model of

Asked by 21cboss almost 4 years ago