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I worked at an extremely busy water park for about two years straight and a summer camp as a beach lifeguard. Working at a water park operating 365 days a year as well as on a beach, I've seen my fair share of interesting scenarios. I've been the good guy with the band-aid, and the bad guy who yells at your kids (for good reason trust me). I'll do my best to answer any questions you have.

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Last Answer on August 31, 2016

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Hi, I took a lifeguarding course and failed the brick test. I was swimming on my back holding the brick above my chest and my head kept getting pulled under (I'm 100 lbs and skinny). I just couldn't float. I passed the swim test easily. Any tips?

Asked by Lucy almost 7 years ago


1- if you see a passive victim at the bottom of a deep pool and it isn't obvious what caused them to drown do you assume it's a spinal injury and use the head splint or just remove them from the water as fast as possible?

Asked by Joe_p almost 7 years ago


What if u have an uncontious spinal victim? Do u waste time strapping him onto the backboard or just remove him from the water not to delay CPR if necessary? Are you supposed to check the pulse and breathing in the water first?

Asked by Joe_P almost 7 years ago


Here there's only 1 LG per shift & we have to use a walkie for help from someone not even trained & they take long to come if they even have there walkie. It's a big pool & will get busy by summer but my manager says he's not allowed to hire more LGs

Asked by Joe_P almost 7 years ago


If an infant, 20 year old or 60+ elderly was drowning, who would you try to save first and why?

Asked by Ambitious over 6 years ago


how to communicate to a lifegaurd that you are drowning

Asked by sat almost 4 years ago