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I worked at an extremely busy water park for about two years straight and a summer camp as a beach lifeguard. Working at a water park operating 365 days a year as well as on a beach, I've seen my fair share of interesting scenarios. I've been the good guy with the band-aid, and the bad guy who yells at your kids (for good reason trust me). I'll do my best to answer any questions you have.

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Last Answer on August 31, 2016

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When doing a rescue could you throw a rescue tube or torpedo can to the victim to help them get to the shore? Or does it have to be a specific buoyant device

Asked by Anna over 7 years ago

If you're talking about when working as a lifeguard, all rescue equipment should be approved by either the US Coast Guard or the agency that is responsible for training the lifeguards. There is approved throwable rescue equipment available for these types of situations.

I want to become a lifeguard except when I go underwater to get the brick(the 3rd prerequisite) I wind up coughing and having to come back up. This is in 10 feet deep water but I'm not sure if I have to do 10 or 12. Any tips? I really need to pass.

Asked by Sarah over 8 years ago

My advice would be to just keep practicing as much as you can and to not give up. Ask for help from your instructors so they can give you more tips and encouragement as you go. Maybe try some breathing exercises or exercise more to really work out your lungs. Usually, if you can't get the brick in your first try, you can keep trying as long as you're in the time limit.

Hi, I recently just took the lifeguard pretest. I weight about 85 pounds and am 4'11". I am on high school swim team and am a strong swimmer but I failed the brick test. What should I work on to pass it as its a large portion of my weight?

Asked by Alina almost 8 years ago

My suggestion would be to just keep practicing with the brick. You're on the swim team and a good swimmer, just keep practicing. If it's the speed portion, try getting as fast as possible at your backstroke with just your legs. If it's holding the brick up, just do your best to keep the brick on your chest and your head above water.

I have trouble swimming under water with my eyes closed. I want to see where I'm at, I will be doing it again and I want to be ready. what should I do?

Asked by Aaron about 6 years ago


Are you a hero?

Asked by Not Mike almost 4 years ago


Hello I am now a senior life guard instructor. I'm afraid that I won't pass the guard training. Can any one give me some tips before I go up to camp for 8 weeks throughout summer?

Asked by Aaron Cumer about 6 years ago


Alright. So you are doing my training/course for lifeguard, and you are wondering. When you are on duty, but you are also on puberty, and I have to perform a rescue, what is the best thing I could do?

Asked by Anna Sisova almost 4 years ago