Hotel Front Desk; Reservations

Hotel Front Desk; Reservations


Las Vegas, NV

Female, 37

Five years in the Hospitality Industry. Having started as a Front Desk Agent with ambition to build my career; I was mentored aiding my overall success. Proudest accomplishment must be leading a team of hospitality professionals in creating a open and imaginative environment to improve guest service, and to build a trusting team to rely on. Team members have found direction in professional and personal goals with the outcome of taking initiative that delivers outstanding service.

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Last Answer on May 31, 2015

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When a guest make a complaint related or not related to your department, how do you respond?

Asked by NA almost 4 years ago

Thank you for your time in explaining the situation and let me record that information at the Front Desk. From there I will stay on top of this and resolve this with the proper department and speak to XYZ person directly.

Insert name and position in place of XYZ

Why do hotels let a room go unoccupied when they could fill it at a still-profitable rate? I've gone into a hotel at 10pm and was told the rate for that night was $400. Which was ridiculous but I'd have gladly paid $250 - why do they not accept that?

Asked by Art15 almost 4 years ago


When you handle an inquiry on the phone and you're not sure, what do you do to handle?

Asked by NA almost 4 years ago


How do you understand communication and what might cause the breakdown of communication?

Asked by NA almost 4 years ago


How do you calculate/compute occupancy?

Asked by NA almost 4 years ago


How do you calculate/compute revenue per available room(REVPAR)?

Asked by NA almost 4 years ago


What can I expect from a $50-$100 tip to the front desk at a 4-5 star hotel. The hotel is sold out, so upgrades are out. And what is the best way to ask?
Thank You

Asked by Chris about 1 year ago