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Five years in the Hospitality Industry. Having started as a Front Desk Agent with ambition to build my career; they mentored me aiding my overall success. Proudest accomplishment must be leading a team of hospitality professionals in creating an open and imaginative environment to improve guest service, and to build a trusting team to rely on. Team members have found direction in professional and personal goals with the outcome of taking an initiative that delivers outstanding service.

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Last Answer on May 31, 2015

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Is it true that hotels give better rooms or service to people who book through the hotel's own website instead of a 3rd-party site like Expedia?

Asked by TDDIAGF about 10 years ago

Indeed, and thank you for your question! There is a two part answer here so kindly read it in its entirity. The rack rate price (hotel set price; industry term) tends to be more than the rate of a travel agency or third-party service/website. However, most travel agencies (and they do exist mainly for cruises & International travel) as well as 3rd party website such as Expedia,, TravelZoo, among others all have the objective of how to best access their clientele and make money so OFTEN THE RATE published, are with additional fees, strict cancellation policies, bag restrictions, windows of travel like midnight to four AM.. (referring to flights). These restrictions are a way to make customers go away and use these methods as a basline. I ALWAYS look at for International travel because it scans the Internet for the best rates on a large scale of websites to determine best rate. USA Domestic really varies but is really good. Hotels are simplified in booking because the best way to get THE BEST RATE is to call directly to the hotel of choice, and ask questions about the age of the property, last renovated, near noisy spaces like an airport or stadium, are the beds soft/hard depending on back needs. Evaluate your reservation agent by knowledge, professionalism and attitude. Finally, ask to MATCH the rate you have found online. Hotels must honor the 3rd party website rate if it is lower than the "rack rate" at the hotel. Often longer stays will give you more of a discount and always sign up for rewards programs!

Although a lengthy answer for what you wanted, I must be certain you have the benefit of my experiences to aide you in future travel as well as serve guests if you are in the industry. :) Please click LIKE if I have been helpful.


Favorite resources for travel: 

Do your research in advance and really understand the website and practices before usage.

What's protocol if you suspect guests are doing something illegal in one of your rooms, like drugs, illegal gambling, etc?

Asked by Moose about 10 years ago

It is advisable to contact the Front Desk Manager, Supervisor, and Security. Log the details of what you witnessed on a piece of paper and have it look presentable. In other words, do not use scrap paper. Your Front Desk may have a log book of these issues being reported anyways, it depends on the property. And actually I immediately thought of a Front Desk position but you could easily be food staff, housekeeping, groundspeople etc.

Okay then follow advice above regardless, the situation may not be written down in that moment, but remember everything. Generally, its best to have a witness so if the situation is safe to show a co-worker what you suspect then do so. Otherwise, trust your superiors to handle it. Never approach suspects on your own! Regardless of size of property there should always be at least two people on shift in a given department at one time including night shift. Just protect yourself and don't confront on your own.

Do front desk agents have the authority to upgrade guests to better rooms whenever they want, and when will you do that for a guest? (And frankly why wouldn't you do it whenever the hotel had the capacity?)

Asked by DD about 10 years ago

This question was posed to me in a job interview just about a week ago. I applaud your question because it shows forward-thinking, depth, and consideration to your job and guests. That is the exact approach I took when answering the question myself. I will answer you as I did then, so know the information is both credible and fully acceptable because my answer might have surely landed me the job. Third interview next week.:)

There is a follow-up question here that is "Do you feel it necessary to go to a supervisor for everything including, rate changes, upgrades, etc.? Or to be independent and have your department trust your judgment?"
The reason I posed this question was because it is relevant to the answer of your question.

Me: "Having the ability and leeway to obtain a guest and retain a guest by servicing their needs is Hospitality! It is abslutely necessary to be independant with duties and having trust of the team to know I have their backs in whatever is decided. Not every guest deserves an upgrade but if I have a room available, and the hotel won't suffer over it, I will graciously extend the offer. Likewise, problems guests need empathy as well as a soundboard for whatever is bothering them (hotel related sometimes travel related), within the boundries of responsibility a reduced rate, amenity package, offer for free transportation if hotel has paid service, restaurant comp, room upgrades, and promotions for a membership card are all ways to make the guest happy and agreeable to return. I will personally help the guest even if it is out of my department and at that point, I follow-up instead of dropping the ball."

How could that not be a winning interview answer?! A genuine answer that shows character, and the lengths I will go for the guest.
I am not trying to make this all about me, it does help I had a personal experience to draw from. Thank you for your question.

The owner of the property I work at came in with no previous hotel experience.
I have 11 years in the Industry but never thought of investing in my own property. I feel cheated that my boss is reckless in business & I could manage it myself.

Asked by Henry about 10 years ago


I truly understand where you are coming from. But in life we have to move past the "What Ifs" to be able to achieve, succeed, and make ourselves proud. Your boss may have no previous knowledge of how to run a hotel, may not be willing to learn or change. It is your responsibility to be proactive and in the owners "face" with operations that are incorrectly processed or any issue that with your experience is cause for change. Do not alienate them to the point of being fired. 

To do this, walk around the exterior part of the property in any spare moment you have - maybe on break or before shift. Take a notebook with you and a pen. Look for any damage on the property from light fixtures, broken signs, broken pavement, cracked walls, trash, landscape, etc. Another day, do the same in the interior. Is the Front Desk equipped with the proper information to give guests? Are there any maintenance inside the building from the lobby to the inside the guest rooms? You get the idea (I sincerely hope).

After you've made your checklists assess the most important issues to be fixed now. Report your findings back to the owner with encouragement to take care of these issues before it affect Guest Service or their safety. Use leadership skills to influence the right decision.

As an employee, you have protection from agencies like US Department of Labor and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) should you feel the property is dangerous to human life (structure, mold, no compliance with fire codes, etc., mismanagement of employees in a unethical way, unlawful practices.) You can file a complaint with proof and the agencies will intervene generally without you directly involved. If this is your situation, it will be emotionally difficult but the right thing to do.

Save your money and buy your own well-established property. Seek out professional advice from investors in the area and real estate agents to get the best possible value for your investment. Just like buying a car, do the research, walkthrough with several inspectors to see how challenging the property will be. My best is advice is never rely on someone you are buying from for information - do it yourself to ensure reliablity and trust of information. Good luck.

Can hotels see what I look at when connected to their in-room wifi on my own laptop?

Asked by JKI about 10 years ago

Thank you for your question. Yes, it is connected to public server or Virtual Private Network. VPN is more secure and keeps all the hotel data on that network from the hotel staff computers to WIFI. Technically, the hotel staff itself cannot view your data or keystrokes. That would be in the IT department either locally or nationally depending on size of operation. 

In other words, don't download music, movies, or watch porn. Accessing your bank online or other password protected websites is totally secure because there are protections on those websites. Frankly, XYZ hotel doesn't care about legal stuff. Like anything you do online, beware of what you post and think if your actions will be actionable in a court of law... think twice... or three times.
Yes, I work in computers too so you got the very technical answer.

How do you know what service you are going to get at an unknown place or bed and breakfast?

Asked by JemmaK about 10 years ago

Always do your research first! Never rely solely on the Internet because things change moment to moment from a leaky faucet to torn carpeting or even the business shutting down.

Be diligent in your internet searches and keep your research to known 3rd party websites at the start of your travel plans, once you've achieved positive results find the hotel, bed and breakfast, whatever accommodation website. If there is no website, there is either a problem with the business not being established enough, new business, or a failing one. All reasons to be aware of but not walk away from. As a website designer myself, I can tell you most business owners do not have the skills, knowledge, or know someone to connect them online without a heavy price tag or the owners were averse reason to not market themselves online. This can be damaging to their business and flow of traffic but on the other side not a hard and fast reason for me to say no.

At this point, call directly to the hotel of choice, and ask questions about the age of the property, last renovated, near noisy spaces like an airport or stadium, are the beds soft/hard depending on back needs, parking, activities in the area etc. Evaluate your reservation agent by knowledge, professionalism and attitude.

Finally, research your findings on and then call the hotel back with your itinerary to book directly if satisfied.
Trip Advisor may have a better rate, so ask the hotel to match the rate from the Internet.

Safe travels!!!

I am scared of traveling alone and need some help choosing a hotel in New York city. It is my boyfriend's birthday and this will be a surprise proposal/vacation.
We live so far away now. Help me get from CO to NY!

Asked by Afraid2Travel about 10 years ago

Dear Afraid2Travel,

Congratulations on your upcoming travel and surprise event! You will love New York and although it can be a bit scary, travelling alone is like doing anything alone. Just face it and give yourself the courage to see it through! I can relate because I travel constantly alone to see the world and meet new people. Somehow, when I talk to people the fear releases and I am happy.

I am wondering if you are afraid of flying or the doing it by yourself. Either way, here are some helpful tips. I am not familiar with New York hotels that do not cost more than your morgage so I recommend staying outside of the city to get better bank for your buck. See previous posts.

1) Proper research and accurate planning (See posts above.)

2) A close someone to talk you through your uncertain moments

3) A good night's sleep...

4) A flawless plan for the proposal... gather up his friends to help you with ideas.

Reignite your love with experiences that you both have never done before. 

Be alert for your travel so avoid medications to calm your nerves. Know you are braver than you think and remember what I say here, you will be forever happy so go get your man... enjoy it.

I acquired a property that is not making money. It was a foreclosure hotel so of course there is allot to renovate, manage etc.
What are some tips you can give me? I see fault; unknown how fix property to make back investment.

Asked by Lina about 10 years ago


What a complex situation you've gotten yourself into. There are definately going to be challenges but educating yourself and your actions with that knowledge will profound increase profitabilty.

Some questions to consider:
Do you have a business or hotel background?
Do you want your active role in the hotel to be owner who collects a check and pays for all operations? Or do you want your active role to be operator where the day-to-day affairs no matter what good or bad affect the business. And much of this role has to do with quality control, leadership, safety, and Customer Service.. none more or less important.

Please follow the following checklists and follow further steps and over the coming months you will see results.

1. Are you confident in the abilities of your staff to project the right image, presence, and Customer Service for your hotel? If not, organize a staff meeting and ask for open feedback from the staff about the roles and duties. How DO THEY expect the hotel operation to improve and what operational changes are suggested to be made.

2. Immediately call a fire inspector, and a construction company - building inspector to come evalute the property's structure. If the property was foreclosured I would ask: "Why?". Always search "Better Business Bureau" for credible and reliable business practices for whom you choose to work with.

What damage has been created in the hotel from years of operation, previous owner's, structure (old building). fire safety? Did previous owner default on payments? I am trying to lay out a sense of responsibility, ownership, and reasons to care about your investment. I of course want to see your success, but this website does not provide much "character space" to provide details.

3. Take copious notes yourself and with your inspectors. Walk around the exterior part of the property continiously and write in a notebook your findings. Look for any damage on the property from light fixtures, broken signs, broken pavement, cracked walls, trash, landscape, etc. Are there any safety concerns day/night? Do the same in the interior. Is the Front Desk equipped with the proper tools for check-ins and other information? Are there any maintenance inside the building from the lobby to the inside the guest rooms? You get the idea (I sincerely hope).

After you've made your checklists assess the most important issues to be fixed now. Report your findings back to the manager and support staff within each department. Use leadership skills to influence the right decision. Safety and housekeeping are paramount to any hotel so be wise to broken, dirty, dusty, mold, and so on which will then raise the bar for employees to achieve. And makes a huge impression to guests.

4. Hire a company to take care of operational needs even on a trial basis to help guide you to procedures and individual departmental help. No matter your role in the hotel this is extremely valuable. There is a monthly fee involved but you need to prioritize your long list of things to do with the mindset of making money and not draining it. Operations company - Referring to Business & Consulting Hospitality companies. Likewise, good advice for laundry service.

5. Hire a website designer and have a working online reservation system for guests to book online. For value use someone local so there is no issue of productivity.

6. **** Many do not realize that hotel linens, drapery, carpet, anything made from a material must be purchased flame retardant. So when buying these things, consult hotel industries experts such as your hotel neighbors.

I wish you all the success. Please come back and ask anything you need. Hope that I have helped in a big way!



Have you heard about How May We Hate You in NYC? Pretty funny stuff. Does that effectively capture how most of you guys feel at your jobs when dealing with guests?

Asked by DDDD almost 10 years ago

I have no experience with NYC or what you are referring to. I am sorry.

How accurate do you think the star ratings on websites are? I've stayed at "4-star" hotels that were barely a step up from hostels. Do you think hotels are paying off some of these sites and travel guides to get better ratings?

Asked by tooba almost 10 years ago

Sorry, it took me so long to answer. I do not have accurate data for you. My research in asking collegues and industry leaders did not give me concise results.

I would guess it is all "big business" so "under the table tranactions" would not shock me but I cannot validate this either.

Hope you continue to enjoy my blog! Keep asking questions.

How often do you have to tell a couple to..."keep it down", and how do you do it as un-awkwardly as possible:)

Asked by MYOMY about 10 years ago

Sorry, to be simple but the Front Desk does not approach. Call Security, that is what they are there for. Guests could be routy because of drinking, drugs, or just sex. Whatever the situation, Security has the background and experience to deal with it.

If you are at the Front Desk alone, wait until a co-worker comes back and then knock on the door together and evaluate the situation. Generally, there is more to the "story" than just noise.

Protect your own safety interests first!!

When you're having a really bad day personally, what do you do in order to not let it show to guests?

Asked by almost 10 years ago

Thank you for your question. are you living in Las Vegas? So do I.

The previous question will help you in many ways too. There many ways to feel improved and happy.

I will repeat the advice from previous question because it is very helpful and worth knowing that stress of all kinds happens.

1. Take your bad, low energy self on a walk, run or to the gym. Take the aggression out on the workout because it not only is physically healthy, it stimulates the brain and that it what we need here! Then if after the workout, you have not come to any viable solutions talk to a mentor, or buy a self help book about stepping up building a way to feel superior and not inferior. Learn, observe other people, brave the family dynamic and the work dynamic and let's see your progress! If you do manage to feel a lack of accomplishment or confidence write a list of daily self-improvement goals.

If you don't have time for a workout, do a few pushups, run in place, anything physical but NOT sex. Sex is seen as a way to diffuse your feelings like junk-food eating. Mentally awake yourself. 

3. Watch a few mediation videos from YouTube. Go to the restroom and watch or take a break and go outside if you are already at work. If you boss confronts you, calmly say; "I am sorry. I am feeling tension and want to make my workday successful. I just needed a few moments to ease and regain control of myself."
Most bosses will see no problem with that and be agreeable to let you do what you need to.

4. Write your feelings down whether on a digital device or paper. It gives away the control of your low feeling, low mood, and elevates your sensory part of the brain which puts you back in the right place.

5. Never talk at the guests. Listen, assess, evaluate, respond kindly.
Guest: "The sun is shining in my room. I don't like it, Change my room now!"
You: "I am sorry for your discomfort. Let me assist you with that. We are having some...
Guest: "Are you changing my room or not?"
You: "There aren't any available rooms for tonight."

I hope you get the idea of my role-playing exercise. Talk with your manager or co-worker about what the outcome might be for your property and how to handle the situation. Every property has different roles and policies for handling this.

6. Do not let the stresses, the responsibility, and the tasks you do not like to let your standards slide. Do what's right to identify and fix the problem. Happiness inspires happiness so please look at yourself and do what makes you happy.
If personal issues, are stressful then do try to resolve them as best as possible before work. Talk to your friends or a mentor to help you through the stress to help resolve your issues.

Thank you. Feel better. You deserve to be a star!

You deserve to be a star!
No on ever got rich in a day working solo. 
Team is not "I" but together.
Team reflects well together not apart.
Happiness is earned by doing positive things and making yourself and others feel joy.
Find a friend to hug!
Great escapes or great experiences? Discuss with someone.    

Yes, I'm in LV too:) I'm always surprised when my friends complain about their hotel stays in LV given that hospitality is basicallyour entire industry. How do you think LV hospitality compares to NY, SF, and other big cities with a lot of tourists?

Asked by almost 10 years ago

I think Las Vegas gets a bad reputation from celebrities thinking they're above the law and trash hotel rooms, damaging property and being a disturbance to hotel security and other guest's.Big cities regardless of tourist appeal will have its share of guest's to disturb your day. Security should handle such issues or Manager's should have security training if hotel offers less than 300 rooms. Las Vegas has its strengths and specifically there isn't a fair comparison between cities.

What do you recommend if a guest approaches you for a restaurant?

Asked by Nurul almost 10 years ago

Politely inquire about food interests and allergies of person asking me. I try to have a wide range of options from the basic casual to an anniversary fine dining restaurant. Promote with sincerity and secure guest's transportation in getting there so that the safety of your guest is protected.

When a guest make a complaint related or not related to your department, how do you respond?

Asked by NA almost 10 years ago

Thank you for your time in explaining the situation and let me record that information at the Front Desk. From there I will stay on top of this and resolve this with the proper department and speak to XYZ person directly.

Insert name and position in place of XYZ

How do you calculate/compute occupancy?

Asked by NA almost 10 years ago


How do you calculate/compute revenue per available room(REVPAR)?

Asked by NA almost 10 years ago


What can I expect from a $50-$100 tip to the front desk at a 4-5 star hotel. The hotel is sold out, so upgrades are out. And what is the best way to ask?
Thank You

Asked by Chris about 7 years ago