Movie Theater Manager

Movie Theater Manager


New York, NY

Male, 38

I own and run an independent 7 screen theater in NY. We deal with everything and anything involving movies, movie studios, customers, food, drinks, etc.

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Last Answer on October 11, 2018

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My family is looking to start our own independent movie theater in the midwest. We are curious, is there a way to hire someone to help with the start up?

Asked by Tyler over 2 years ago

It is a very complicated and difficult business. You must have someone who has been in the industry for many years to figure things out. Even a former theater manager may be unfamiliar with how to deal with vendors, studios, and the many local and federal regulations.

How can i get a list of the special movies that only play wed & sat.

Asked by Cathy almost 2 years ago

Contact your local theater! Every theater is different.

What happens to a person that sneaks in another person into the movie? Do they actually care?

Asked by alias over 2 years ago

Its generally considered theft. You will be thrown out of caught. At larger theaters, the staff is less likely to care, but I would say that its is not a good idea. At my theater, we watch for things like this very closely.

I have gotten the owner of a long emptied movie theater to agree to build the theater if I can supply the management team. I supplied the creative ideas to light the fire to make this happen, but as a documentary editor and previous prod I know nada

Asked by Debbie 6 months ago

A location that has been closed for years is a very bad sign...chances are a theater cannot survive there.You need to hire a booker to book movies at that location.You need digital projectors, audio equipment.You need a working concession stand with popcorn popper.You need seats that are at least comfortable for the theater. Competition and changing habits had led to luxury recliners and full service restaurant food.There is not a whole lot of creativity in first run theaters. Depending on the size and location, you play the latest movies in a fun, safe, and clean environment.

Why are the snacks like popcorn so expansive?

Asked by Merle91 11 days ago

Movie studios take 60-70 percent of each ticket sold at every theater. So, the only way theaters actually make enough money to profit, is from the concession stand. If we don't sell lots of popcorn and candy, we cannot survive as a theater. But, consider it similar to a stadium or arena. They do the same thing, although I am unsure of the financials of those businesses.

Again? Need help with info re managing an indie theater. State of the Art everything. Art Deco theater which the owner has agreed to refurb if I find management team. I have ideas. No experience. A doc editor and producer just. HELP?

Asked by Debbie 6 months ago