SWAT Team Commander (Retired)

SWAT Team Commander (Retired)

Captain Nick

Menlo Park, CA

Male, 58

I served as a Police Officer, Corporal, Inspector, Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain from 1980 to June, 2011 in the SF Bay Area. In 1994, I was assigned to a regional SWAT Team as a Team Leader and Sniper. I became a Team Commander in 1999. When I retired, I was the senior Commander and Sniper Team Commander for the largest regional team in California. I now teach Administration of Justice at Skyline College and I'm the On-Screen Team Lead for www.GuardAmerican.com, a firearms training website.

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Last Answer on September 10, 2013

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Did you have a hostage negotiator on your team, and what kind of negotiation tactics worked best? On TV, I see a lot of generic "do the right thing and turn yourself in" stuff but I assume it's way more advanced in practice.

Asked by TeFAL over 10 years ago


Currently I make stop motion animation films. My next will contain SWAT NYPD.

My question lies with this;
What exactly do SWAT officers communicate with? I may need a ton of sentences using phrases and key words. Such as these;https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-slang-terms-used-among-police-officers

Asked by Ryan over 5 years ago


Do the SWAT use the Kriss Vector?

Asked by Stephen over 5 years ago


Do. You guys use. Signs And what gear did you use And thx for your service.

Asked by Rowan geist almost 3 years ago


Can you please tell me the difference between SWAT and FBI's SWAT team? I've been doing a little research on it but I can't find a good answer, most answers talk about FBI's HRT

Asked by Pou over 10 years ago


Is it possible to reach 400,000 dollars a year as a swat medic ? Id really like to be part of the sheriff department and make my way into swat as a medic but if I cannot reach 200k eventually id like to go to Medical school. thank you for your time.

Asked by Jonathon M almost 3 years ago


In a scenario where a man is armed in a house and has threatened to shoot his children and any Officer that comes near him, he exits the house in your sights. You can not see any weapons, but your team leader say take the shot. What do you do?

Asked by JK over 9 years ago