Former IRS Revenue Officer

Former IRS Revenue Officer

Michael Raanan, EA

Santa Ana, CA

Male, 35

My tenure with the largest and most powerful collection agency in the world, the IRS, began fresh out of college and with much surprise. Following an extensive interview process and a cross-country flight to the West Coast, I found myself in Los Angeles with the unenviable task of getting delinquent taxpayers back into tax compliance. After approximately 8 years of service, I left, and now find myself (very literally) on the other side of the table helping taxpayers resolve their IRS disputes.

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Last Answer on May 16, 2017

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If a federal tax lein has been filed, and payments are being made, can they still issue an levy

Asked by Tk about 3 years ago

A tax lien is the government’s way to secure its interest in your assets and facilitate collection of your tax liability. After a lien is properly filed, the government has a right to all of your property, as well as any property or rights to property you acquire thereafter. Once its interest in your property is secured, the government can levy or seize your property as a means of collection. Levies are generally not issued when a proper installment agreement has been established and is in 'current' status. If levies have been issued in your case, you or tax representative will need to contact the IRS directly to figure out why. It's possible that the payment plan may have defaulted. 

See: What to Know About IRS Levies See: What to Know About IRS Payment Plans

What is the best method for claiming exempt and after non-exempt to maximize the amount of income and tax refund ratio? How does it work?

Asked by StateWorker0705 about 3 years ago

Sounds like you need to speak with a tax preparer.

See: Ten Tips to Help You Choose a Tax Preparer

I am dealing with a Revenue Officer re my debt of $204k. I gave him a 433 the day after the deadline he set. It shows I have negative MDI. He levied my wages the very day I gave him the 433 and thinks I can pay him $3500 a month, I cant. what now?

Asked by Luigipal over 2 years ago

If you're having difficulty with an IRS Revenue Officer, you may want to take advantage of the Free Consultations many tax relief professionals offer in order to discuss the particulars of your case and what options are available to you. Whether you choose to continue representing yourself in front of the IRS or retain a tax representative, at least you will be better prepared.

With the new 2015 law, I'm concerned about being able to get an expedited passport given old, unpaid taxes, I owe about $500k and the case is in the process of being given to a RO. Will I have a problem right now with getting a new passport?

Asked by Jack over 2 years ago

Some clarification on the new IRS Passport rules can be found here.

If you're having difficulty with getting an IRS resolution in place before your passport is approved, you may want to take advantage of a Free Consultation with a tax relief professional to discuss the particulars of your case and what options are available to you. Whether you choose to continue representing yourself in front of the IRS or retain a tax representative, at least you will be better prepared.

I am told that once you are assigned a RO, even if you file an appeal you will most likely to get the same RO. Ours is very difficult per our tax lawyer.

Asked by lexiladi over 2 years ago

The IRS has to follow internal procedures when considering a request for a case reassignment. IRS Group Managers can reassign a case if the facts of the case warrant it. Learn more about the IRS Collection Process here.

Completed 433. Because we gamble, our RO added the $ we spent gambling back on the income side of the 433 which distorted our true income. Is this legal?

Asked by Lexiladi over 2 years ago

Specific IRS case questions should be discussed with a licensed tax relief professional.

Hello. We had a card from a RO at our residence today. It says his name and Revenue Officer Small Business Self Employed. We are not small business or self employed. We do owe $1400 from 2014 and $6693 from 2015 but have been on a payment plan

Asked by Long about 2 years ago

RO's use "calling cards" to inform taxpayers of their visit to their residence. Most individual and business Collection cases the IRS handles are assigned to the Small Business/Self Employed Unit of the IRS. A "field call" from the IRS may indicate that your payment plan has defaulted. Here are 11 Tips For Taxpayers Who Owe Money To The IRS