Border Patrol Agent

Border Patrol Agent


Charleston, SC

Male, 31

Spent a bit over four years (2006-2010) serving as a Border Patrol Agent in Tucson Sector, AZ: the busiest sector in the country. Worked numerous positions, and spent the last year and a half operating/instructing ground radar installations. Duties included: field patrols, transport, processing, control room duties, transportation check, checkpoint operations, static watch duties, etc.

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I'm fostering children (U.S. Citizens) of an illegal immigrant. I have reason to think once the state gives the kids back their mom is going to take them to Mexico. Can an illegal immigrant parent take U.S. Citizen kids across the border to live?

Asked by Concerned Foster Parent over 10 years ago

I'm not entirely sure, but I'd believe so.  Children are always at the mercy of their parents decision, regardless of their citizenship.  A case would have to be made to the authorities (child protective services) to warrant removing the children from their parents.

Wath happens to an inmigrant you catch coming in from mexico ,and he has a voluntary depart only one month ago wath will happen will he be return to Mexico or will he be keeped in jail?and if they release in how much time will it happen?

Asked by britnny12 about 11 years ago

This is explained in the previous answers to this type of question above.

can I apply to be a border patrol agent if someone in the house hold is illegal

Asked by ibxlegend almost 11 years ago

You can try, but don't bother.  This will come up in your application process, and you'll be disqualified.

I know that the Border Patrol buys its dogs from independent vendors, so I am wondering if the Border Patrol has a standard for the dogs it uses?

Asked by C L Smith about 11 years ago

The vast majority of our canines (at least our normal detection/tracking canines) were actually imported from the German Border Police (Bundesgrenschutz) canine school.  Most of the dogs we received had actually failed bite-dog school, and had been repurposed.  This is why our K9 operators use many commands in German, as opposed to English.

Right before I left the BP was starting its bite-dog program, but they had a silly politically correct name for it (Patrol K9's was the term they used) because they were afraid of scaring people (?).  I do not know where the bite-dogs were sourced from.

All of the dogs I worked with were from the German schools.

But sir if the guy told u the wrong address, again and again ,and how you can get real address in any country by his picture and if his country refuse his entry in his country then u send him prison ?

Asked by jai almost 11 years ago


This website exists for occupational questions, not debates on police procedure.  If you have questions or concerns regarding immigrations laws and procedures, you need to contact a consulate or a sector headquarters, perhaps even an ICE field office.  I'll simply say this, in four years and thousands of people apprehended, we never had a person who was wrongfully imprisoned or caught.  If a person is caught lying to a federal agent, you've now committed a crime worse than illegal entry.

If a person lies about his country of origina successfully and gets sent to another country, well he'll have to deal with their immigration service or federal police.  Feel free to take your chances.  I've met Guatemalan and Mexicon federal police - not the guys you probably want to screw around with.

What's the biggest haul of cold hard cash you've found in a bust, and what happens to it after it's seized? Does your department get to keep any of it?

Asked by lqp5 about 11 years ago

Being on the border we mostly caught the material (ie. dope) coming North.  Occasionally though our units on the highway would grab a cash vehicle going back south (vehicles loaded with drug-profit cash heading back into Mexico).  The only ones I remember were pretty low-dollar amounts ($7-10K).  I'd imagine the serious cash is much better concealed/protected/transported.

I'd bet the DPS guys (Arizona's Highway Patrol) probably had more apprehensions along these lines.

if someone is caught passing people over the border and got fingerprints and a ticket for 5000 dollars is that consider any type of felony or arrest

Asked by Paola over 10 years ago