Professional Reseller

Professional Reseller


Port Orchard, WA

Female, 43

I have bought and sold pre-worn designer clothing and accessories for the last 15 years. In the last year, I've added household goods, health/beauty products and collectibles to list! Typically, this means purchasing at local thrifts and consignment stores and reselling online via Amazon and eBay. I'm also a Certified Trading Assistant on eBay allowing me to sell professionally for others.

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Last Answer on March 12, 2013

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Do you buy your OWN clothes at thrift shops and consignment stores?

Asked by Seneca over 10 years ago

My personal closet is full of used goods. I honestly cannot think of one item I purchased brand new in years! It's very difficult for me to spend full retail on anything after being so active in the resale market. I often go shopping at higher end retailers only to info gather. I record styles, brand names of things I'd love to have and then search for them on eBay or other resale markets. Using the mall only as a recon mission of sorts. Honestly, this is evident in every area for me, furniture, vehicles, appliances, etc. no doubt saving thousands of dollars per year.

Do you have to charge sales tax on used clothes? If so, then isn't the government getting sales tax TWICE on the same item?

Asked by wzrd over 10 years ago


If you could get eBay to change ONE thing about their site, what would it be and why?

Asked by former ebay'er over 10 years ago


What kind of return policies do you offer?

Asked by jake t over 10 years ago