Professional Reseller

Professional Reseller


Port Orchard, WA

Female, 43

I have bought and sold pre-worn designer clothing and accessories for the last 15 years. In the last year, I've added household goods, health/beauty products and collectibles to list! Typically, this means purchasing at local thrifts and consignment stores and reselling online via Amazon and eBay. I'm also a Certified Trading Assistant on eBay allowing me to sell professionally for others.

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Last Answer on March 12, 2013

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What made you decide to do this professionally, and why don't more people do it? Seems pretty straightforward, profitable, and low barriers to entry.

Asked by M. Cruz over 11 years ago

For me, thrifting has been a life long practice. I purposely shopped secondhand stores to find luxury labels at a deep discount. Through the years I developed sort of an uncanny ability to find profitable garments. I love sharing this concept with others and encourage it often as a viable career, if not profitable hobby. Unfortunately, most people lose interest after realizing the work involved. As with any business there is definitely a learning curve, my skills are a culmination of 30+ years experience and personal obsession with fine, high quality goods. In the end, it's my passion and drive that allow me to do it professionally.

Is there still a lot of money to be made on eBay?

Asked by statham over 11 years ago

Absolutely! It's one of the largest marketplaces in the world so I feel very blessed to sell my goods on such a highly trafficked site.

How do the economics work when you act as a Trading Assistant for others on ebay? Do you get a flat fee, a commission, or both?

Asked by Michaela over 11 years ago

Typically, it's a 60/40 split in favor of the consignor. I do take items on a flat rate commission but it's rare. I work closely with the client in the beginning to devise a selling plan that works well for both of us.

What's the biggest mistake people make when posting on eBay?

Asked by slowgrind over 11 years ago

Single biggest mistake I see is not using key words adequately in listing title. Using them allows items to be found via major web search engines by potential buyers. Often my eBay titles don't appear even as a logical sentence but a combination of words including brand name, size, color, style etc.

I used to shop on eBay but stopped because hasn't it basically just become a storefront for retailers, and not somewhere you can find real people selling their used goods?

Asked by Erika over 11 years ago

I know what you mean. Honestly, I prefer to buy from private sellers as well and tend to stay away from the storefront retailers on eBay. If you are strategic in your search, there a large number of sellers liquidating their personal wardrobe, selling for others, etc. For me, it mimics shopping thrifts and consignments so its my preference as well.

Do you ever worry that too many people will get into this business and make the good stuff harder and harder to find?

Asked by blake placid over 11 years ago

As long as there are malls and large stores selling volumes of high end goods there will always be "good stuff" trickling down to the resale market. There has been an influx of new resellers, especially online but I haven't noticed any reduction in finding inventory whatsoever in the last 15 years. Actually because I now see potential in a wider variety of goods, I'm able to find more.

How much does eBay charge you to sell goods?

Asked by StephC over 11 years ago

After all listing fees, final value fees, as well as transaction fees via Paypal, it's typically about 25%.