Personal Stylist & Life Coach

Personal Stylist & Life Coach

Jeanene Mack

Brooklyn, NY

Female, 33

I perform both wardrobe styling and life coaching for women. These are two seemingly different engagements whose functions are exactly the same: getting you to be completely comfortable in your skin! Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on January 29, 2014

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How many consultations do you typically administer to a client before she's "done?" Is it an ongoing/indefinite thing, or is it typically like 2-3 sessions total?

Asked by ~~Rona b~~ over 11 years ago

There is really no specific number of sessions one person "needs". I always recommend at least six since most of the time reaching a certain goal is more than just me as your coach advising you to go something. It can be changing the way you think or substituting a bad habit for a more positive one. These things, or course, take time. However, there are some clients that incorporate coaching into their way of life. It can be similar to traditional therapy in that it is nice to have a 3rd party person to talk to about not just your goals but concerns. And as women, communication is a life line for us!

How long did it take you to get an MA in psychoanalysis? Most programs require 5-10 years of undergoing psychoanalysis. The New York Psychoanalytic Institute requires you to already have an MSW, MD or PhD in psychology.

Asked by FreudFan over 11 years ago

I'm not sure where you got your information but, it is inaccurate.  There are prerequisites to becoming licsensed in New York State and yes, they are extensive however, anyone can get a Masters degree in Psychoanalysis just like you can get an MA in any degree you choose.  I'm not sure why you would think someone would already need a PhD to get a Masters.  It took me 3 years to complete the program but only because i had a baby during my studies.  Most students finish the program in 2 years.  I also spent 1 1/2 years doing a field placement program working with highly psychotic as well as paranoid schizophrenic patients in a state hospital in Brooklyn, NY called FEGS.  If you would like more info on the program i completed you can visit 

What do you think of Tony Robbins and other self-improvement gurus?

Asked by Hyun over 11 years ago


How did you get started? I've been a clothing stylist for a year and I think that being a life coach as well would be a great opportunity to really help some of the men I work with. I'd love to hear your story.

Asked by Nicolas Perez-Molina about 9 years ago


How did you get started and what kind of degree do you have to get for the position. I am a master cosmetologist and would like to put it all together to help people more than just hair. Thanks

Asked by Devyn stylist almost 9 years ago


I'd like to buy a watch and I want it to be massive, but I'm a tiny girl)) How do you think will a watch like this for example be ok or shall I choose another? can u help?

Asked by Jane over 8 years ago


In light of MTA's question, do you find yourself having to justify the profession to a lot of skeptics? Does this get frustrating?

Asked by Matty over 11 years ago