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Fashion Forecaster


Paris, FR

Female, 32

I research worldwide lifestyle and cultural trends that will affect fashion (color, material, silhouette, styling and details) two years ahead of selling season. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on March 26, 2014

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What fashion designers do you think are really overrated?

Asked by Fall out girl :))) over 8 years ago

Hmmm, I can kind of appreciate most designers in some way or another even if I don't particularly like their work. The exception would be celebrity designers which rarely actually design their own things and are usually horrible in my opinion.

Are people in the fashion world as mean as those portrayed in The Devil Wears Prada?

Asked by ilovemyjobilovemyjob... over 8 years ago

More in the editorial and pr fashion side than in trend. Usually the creative side is much nicer. But yes, of course that movie was a bit exaggerated but not too far off the mark. My first internship was at a magazine.

I graduate in May and am leaning toward the fashion industry. My question is, do I HAVE to be in New York, Paris, Milan to be in the fashion industry, or are there other cities where I can do so?

Asked by bella belle... over 8 years ago

No, not necessarily, there are just a lot more options for jobs in those cities. It also depends a lot on if you are going into design, forecasting, buying, etc. I would research the companies you want to work for and see where they are located. There are a bunch of denim companies in LA, sportswear companies in the Northwest US, a few big brands in the Midwest. As far as forecasting I would be shocked if you got a job anywhere but NYC, London or Paris. There are a few but literally only a handful in other locations.

Who do you work for: freelance, an apparel company, or what?

Asked by gallacity over 8 years ago

When I lived in New York, I worked for a textile company and now that I am in Paris I'm freelancing for different trend agencies, but I have an interview today to work for an accessories company full time... so we'll see!

what is the next coming new formal dress-up for Professionals.

Asked by harishp9211 over 8 years ago

I usually work 2 years out so I don't pay that much attention to the season we are in. That being said I think corduroy and velvet suits will important. Sixties plaids pencil skirts and turtle necks. Dark greens and maroons are good trend colors for the season.

What's an example of a recent major fashion trend that you DIDN'T see coming?

Asked by Melanie (Seattle) over 8 years ago

the one thing that comes to mind is the crazy colored hair trend. never saw that one coming. i don't focus on beauty but am still amazed that lara stone has blue hair in vogue. also i am sometimes surprised how long some trends will stick around. like skinny jeans or the native american trend, they just don't go away. i'm surprised by that.

What's your absolute favorite article of clothing you own?

Asked by Doreen_87 about 8 years ago

right now probably my vintage coyote fur coat