Stand-Up Comedian

Stand-Up Comedian

Michael Kosta

Los Angeles, CA

Male, 30s

I'm Michael Kosta, stand-up comedian (yes, that's what I write on my tax returns). I've performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Conan, and Comedy Central, and I tour all over North America and Australia. Ask me anything about life as a stand-up.

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Last Answer on June 11, 2013

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Outside of comedians and writers what are the other different components of the comedy industry? I assume there are talents scouts, agents, promotors...I'm very green but would like to know how it all works

Asked by iyk over 10 years ago


Do stand ups get paid for appearing Connan and other "tonight show" programs? Is SAG involved?

Asked by gogles paizano almost 8 years ago


How did you go from being an open mic comic to getting your first paid gig?

Asked by enebo over 9 years ago


Hello Michael, when comedians tell funny stories, are they usually true or made-up for laughs? Thanks, Joe

Asked by Joe over 9 years ago


I’m an experienced emcee who recently completed a stand up comedy class where the teachers were total flakes. For our graduation, I’m thinking about doing a routine that really trashes the teachers, in a funny but harsh way. What do you think?

Asked by Alex about 5 years ago


Ima stand up comedian to get better do i lool at other comics

Asked by Desmond over 7 years ago


Hi Michael, i perform at open mics in Bangalore, India.. the audience isn't yet ready for surreal humor and i can only think surreal, about 30% of my set connects and the rest just falls flat, but i still want to go in the same direction..stupid ??

Asked by Vikram about 9 years ago