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Professional Gamer

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Clemson, SC

Male, 23

I played two entirely different video games professionally for multiple years. That is, I traveled around the country often on a sponsor's dollar and competed in video game tournaments for money. I believe I can provide good insights into professional gaming. If you want to know more just ask!

I'm now lead developer at LiveNinja an internet startup that I will shamelessly promote here.

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Last Answer on February 12, 2015

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new to gaming When playing Y8 MASKED SHOOTERS MULTIPLAYER EDITION GAME Few players can disappear and reappear at different locations, Jumping up and down skiping at full speed and flying up to tower staying at least 5 feet from ladder. HOW DO THIS

Asked by Silver Fox almost 8 years ago


Iplay a lot of fallout and boderlands and shooters which is the best

Asked by Rowan about 3 years ago


i hav DDR3 and 4 GB ram in my machine which is 4th generation I3 so i want to buy STRIX-GTX970 4GB GDDR5.CAN I SUPPORT IT?

Asked by shining over 8 years ago


Can you tell me what the difference is between digital deluxe and gold versions of games? I'm just trying to get the most for my money, but I don't play online much. Prefer the campaigns.

Asked by Richie over 2 years ago


I have an Alienware X 51 with a GeForce GTX 645 and an Intel core i3 3220 cpu @3.20 GHz and 8GB of RAM... Will this be enough to play Fallout 4 and on what setting?

Asked by Ronnie over 8 years ago


hiiii!! i want to start to get more into league of legends and dota2. do you know what some good laptops are that would be good for that. that aren't too expensive. thanks!!

Asked by yena over 6 years ago


what is the best high end monitor for gaming now in the market.

Asked by CHIEF over 2 years ago