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Clemson, SC

Male, 23

I played two entirely different video games professionally for multiple years. That is, I traveled around the country often on a sponsor's dollar and competed in video game tournaments for money. I believe I can provide good insights into professional gaming. If you want to know more just ask!

I'm now lead developer at LiveNinja an internet startup that I will shamelessly promote here.

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Last Answer on February 12, 2015

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What games did you play professionally and how much "training" was required before you were ready for tournament play?

Asked by j.b. in pdx over 11 years ago

I played Shadowrun and Super Smash Brothers Brawl. With those games I started playing both of them right when they were released so I didn't have too much catching up to do. I played them both about 4-8 hours a day. With Brawl I started going to tournaments right away but, it took about a month for me to get good enough to do well at the tournaments. Shadowrun the tournaments were about a month after the games release and I was on tournament level at that point.

You seem pretty well-adjusted, but do you think hardcore gamers' social skills suffer from so much solitary game playing?

Asked by James1 over 11 years ago

The competitive stuff is all multiplayer so you are always playing with other people. That still tends to be a somewhat isolated crowd from standard social interaction so social skills often do take a bit of a hit. As for gamers who do just play single player games hardcore I'd expect that would hurt social skills.

How common is it for a somewhat weaker gamer to beat a stronger one? Is it like baseball where even the Royals will often beat the Yankees, or more like chess where a 1400-rated player will NEVER beat a 1,700.

Asked by OKslugga over 11 years ago

Pretty uncommon. This can vary a lot from game to game but, generally speaking the games and settings are selected to be as skill based as possible with very few random factors. So big upsets can happen but, whenever they do happen they are usually a fairly big deal within that games community.

Is there one guy who's generally acknowledged as the best all-around pro gamer?

Asked by durka over 11 years ago

No, most games have a clear best player/team but, no one can really be the top of more than one game at a time so it is different from game to game. That and it is hard to compare different games so I can't really say who is better the best Starcraft player or the best Halo team.

Can a pro gamer parlay his skills into paid TEACHING positions, where you teach other aspiring gamers the tricks of the trade? Does that kind of thing exist?

Asked by upupdowndown... over 11 years ago

This is actually quite common. To give you example here is a site where you can hire pro Starcraft 2 players to coach you Prices vary from $15-$300 an hour depending on how top of a player you want to coach you. I don't know many lessons these people actually sell but, it does exist and lessons do seem to be bought. Similar sites exist for most of the big games.

How much money can you earn from gaming tournaments? Any big wins to speak of? Also what were your favorite games as a kid?

Asked by elias over 11 years ago

The best players at the biggest games are all millionaires. A good portion of their money is from sponsors. That said the money distribution is very top heavy, while the very best do make a lot of money the near the very best make a lot less money. I was never the very best and only made a few thousand dollars, but I was also able to compete in cool places around the country on sponsors dollars. As for any big wins, honestly not really. I won a lot of tournaments when I was playing Super Smash Brother Brawl but they were not huge tournaments. When I was a kid I was never allowed to play as many video games as I liked but I was a big fan of Goldeneye, MarioKart 64 and Halo 1. Also, soccer if we are not just talking about video games.

What's the longest playing session you've ever put in? Do you ever go to bed and see game images dancing in your brain?

Asked by lulz4life over 11 years ago

I would guess about 8-10 hours, although that would be with a couple breaks in there for food and such. Also, yes, the game images in my mind before going to bed does happen.

Do pro gamers have groupies?

Asked by the maestro over 11 years ago

For very top players but, not that many. That's assuming when you say groupie you mean more then just a very dedicated fan. If we are just calling groupies super dedicated fans then there are a lot.

Did you play a lot of video games as a kid, and were your parents supportive of that? Or was it more of a "told ya so" once you showed them this could actually generate income?

Asked by Sammie over 11 years ago

My parents hated when I played video games as a kid. I had a daily limit of a couple hours of screen time; this includes video games, tv, general computer use and so on. I already moved out before I started winning money at that point they became at least more neutral on the topic.

Is the stereotype of gamers as overweight dudes living in their parents' basements and never getting laid pretty accurate?

Asked by Jmd over 11 years ago

For people who play games competitively I'd say the stereotype is not that true. Not the coolest people in the world by any means but, professional gamers in my experience tend to be much closer to "normal" than some of common stereotypes portray. For the random gamer, I don't know. There are definitely gamers who play single player games or mmorpg non-stop that fit that description, but those aren't professional gamers.

Have you ever been asked to be a beta-tester for new games? Is that a pretty common thing for pro players, and do you get paid for it?

Asked by turtle over 11 years ago

Beta testing is pretty public these days, so I've beta tested several games but that didn't require me having a pro graming background. For earlier stage game testing the job tends to be a lot of look at every wall and report if it is there. That is to say not that fun. I've heard of pro gamers being recruited to test some games that were designed to be competitive but that is pretty rare and I've never been specifically recruited.

Thinking ahead to Xmas. Is there one particular gaming console that you feel is better than the rest? My gut is saying XBox, but I'm not sure.

Asked by JakiesMom over 11 years ago

I like the xbox 360 and you can't go wrong with a good pc. It really just depends on what games you or your kid wants to play.

How do gamers feel about the assertion that violent video games cause behavioral problems in kids?

Asked by juliopepe over 11 years ago

I've never actually discussed it with another gamer. I personally don't believe violent video games lead to behavioral problems in kids or at worse the media exaggerates the effect. I think the research on the topic is mixed but, I haven't ever seriously looked into the research so consider that more of an uneducated view on the topic.

Remember that story about the dude who played video games so long he died from a blood clot? ( What was your longest marathon session, and did you make an effort to break up your sessions with exercise etc?

Asked by kev over 11 years ago

I do try to break up my sessions with exercise and such. Besides being healthier, I find if you take a break and come back you're generally more refreshed and can get more out of the game.

Do you have to stand or sit when competing in gaming tournaments?

Asked by The Potato over 11 years ago

I've never seen a gaming tournament where you have to stand. I've known a few players who prefer to stand while they play but, in my experience sitting is always an option.

Do you ever fire up some old classics like Tecmo Bowl or Blades of Steel just for a lark?

Asked by mike over 11 years ago

I do play some of my old n64 favorites for fun and nostalgia from time to time. N64 was my first real introduction to video games (deprived childhood I know) so I don't go much older than that.

Do you think consoles and games are priced fairly? Are they too expensive, or a good bargain?

Asked by Marcia over 11 years ago

I would like for games to be cheaper, but games do cost a lot to make so the price makes sense at least to some degree. A variety of different pricing methods are now emerging, these vary from subscription models to significant games that are free but, sell aesthetic features.

I remember reading about how there are thousands of people that literally take off a few days of work when the new Madden comes out. Have you ever taken off work/school to play a new release? Which game(s)?

Asked by benjiboo over 11 years ago

That is pretty common for most big game release. I'm more of the play one game really, really well type. So I've never taken a day off for a game release, but I have taken a day or two off from school to give me time to fly to a major tournaments.

Have you ever seen people in a gaming tournament get physically violent because of something that happened during a match?

Asked by Flawless Vic...tory over 11 years ago

I have never seen a physical fight happen in a gaming tournament. I heard that once around 5 years ago there was a fight between Gears of War teams at a major tournament and that was a big part of the reason the game got dropped from that tournament circuit. That is just hear say and could be incredibly wrong, to focus on the question physical fights are somewhere between very rare and non-existent. I have seen a few people break their controllers or keyboards when they lose a very important match or lose to a tactic they think is "cheap." Although, that too is rare.

Do you take Adderall or anything similar? Is use of focus drugs in tournies considered cheating, and if not, is it widespread?

Asked by vivafifa over 11 years ago

Adderall and similar drugs are fairly common. I'm not aware of any tournaments where Adderall is formerly banned but, that is mostly due to testing for it and having to make exceptions for those with prescriptions would be a nightmare. It is generally frowned upon at least by those players who don't take Adderall or something similar.

Why does it seem like 9 out of 10 new video games are first-person shooters? Doesn't that get old at some point?

Asked by qwerty over 11 years ago

There are other games out there but, the first person shooters do seem to be the big budgets with lots of advertising lately. I guess they are just selling well.

Do Asians still dominate gaming tournaments?

Asked by SlickWillSon! over 11 years ago

Asians definitely are over-represented and do well. The exact level of Asian domination varies a lot depending on the game.

When you tell a non-gamer that you play (or played) professionally, do they usually react positively or negatively? What about people you've been romantically interested in?

Asked by Dash Gordon about 11 years ago

They react positively but, mostly more of a polite positive than anything.  Most people don't understand and I rarely go beyond explaining yeah I was super good at games people would fly me around the U.S. to play tournaments.  My girlfriends knows I used to play professionally but, I don't think has a good sense of what that meant.

Isn't there a little part of you who misses the days when controllers were no more than A / B + directional arrows? I gave up on videogames once they added 15 different buttons + a rumbling gyroscope or whatever that thing is.

Asked by etubrutus over 11 years ago

I didn't play many games when the controllers were that simple so I'm missing out on the nostalgia.

How do gamers get sponsors?

Asked by brikhaus about 11 years ago

There are a few methods, I'll list the ones I've seen work there are probably more I don't know about. 1) Get a local sponsor. I've seen a few lan centers throw a tournament with the prize being a trip to a major tournament, tickets and some other expenses covered. This isn't exactly the best sponsor, but if you aren't that good they are a reasonable stepping stone. The main problem being that they are unlikely to stick with you. 2) Join a sponsored organization. This really depends on what game you play, but if you are good enough or noteworthy enough you can join a top team and they'll likely sponsor tournaments. These often come with a group to practice with and most of the top players in will know the organizations that sponsor lots of players for their games, so you get some reputation although, it's not always good reputation. 3) Get a corporate sponsor. Companies like to sponsor people in everything competitive. Again you'll have to be noteworthy and good but, if you reach these thresholds perhaps win an online tournament or something else of note it is possible to get a corporation to directly sponsor you or your team.

What can get someone disqualified from a gaming tournament? Have you ever seen anyone get disqualified?

Asked by goyanks over 11 years ago

I've seen three routes of people being disqualified. 1) You can be disqualified for an annoying technicality, for an example at the mlg national championship pro teams can't have roster changes but, this detail isn't very well advertised. 2) You can be disqualified for bad sportsmanship. A while back a top Starcraft 2 player killed all his units without really trying to win. He was already out of prize contention so he didn't want to waste his time but, the tournament host make their money by broadcasting those tournaments so they wanted a game and banned him for a month from that tournament series. The community was fairly split on whether the ban was deserved. 3) For cheating and basically really obviously not legit stuff. People have been banned for having modded games that give them an unfair advantage. The worse case I'm aware of is in South Korea there was serious game rigging going on where players worked with online gambling sites to coordinate games they would purposely lose. All the players involved were permanently banned and legal access was also taken against them.

I'm a huge gamer, but never competed formally. How do I get myself into these gaming tournaments?

Asked by rudy95 over 11 years ago

It varies depending on what game you play but, googling something like "[your game name] tournaments" will probably get you the information you are looking for. Most tournaments have an open session so you can start playing competitively with no connections then if you do well in a popular game you can look for sponsors.

Do gamers frequently get carpal tunnel or other hand/wrist injuries because of prolonged play? Does wearing a brace or something help prevent that?

Asked by aaronA over 11 years ago

Carpal tunnel is pretty common among PC players. I think the general plan for preventing it is just good posture. For the players who get carpal tunnel there is a surgery that allows for pretty quick recovery.

Assuming you no longer compete professionally, what do you do for work now? Do you work in a gaming-related area?

Asked by Krautman over 11 years ago

I'm currently finishing my Master's degree in Computer Science. Once I graduate gaming-related work area is a real possibility.

At the risk of dating myself, are video arcades just totally antiquated at this point?

Asked by Old Yella over 11 years ago

Honestly, I don't know. I don't live in the city so there aren't any around me. I think they still exist but, are far more rare than they once were.

Do you think the Sony PS4 will live up to the hype? Will you be on line at midnight when it's released?

Asked by Diablo Joe about 11 years ago

Honestly, so far I haven't heard too much hype for the PS4, so I guess it could live up to the hype. I won't be in line for the PS4. I've never gotten a console on release date. Games are nice to have on release date because those first few days where everyone is still learning the game can be some of the most exciting, but I normally hold off on consoles until they have a few games I'd actually want.

At a overall scale in your professional opinion, which do you prefer WOW or LOL? Being as one being an ROG and the other RTS?

Asked by Paul K Nihipali over 9 years ago

I'm partial towards LoL, but I'm bad at RTS games so that factors in a lot.

My 15 yr old wants to be a pro gamer. I want to be supportive so how can I tell if he REALLY has the skills. Are there certain stats I should watch for? He is Black Ops all the way.

Asked by kariology over 10 years ago

Black ops is a team game so he'll have to find a team.  He can do that by playing wiht a group of friends or going on forums finding a team looking for players and trying out.  If he played with a group of friends it can be a lot of fun, but he has to have a good group of friends that are able to play a lot and around the same skill level.  If he were to try out online they'd play a few games with him online and then if they thought he fit with them they'd add him to the team.  I generally find teams that assemble this way do better than groups of friends.

After he has a team he needs to actually do some tournaments.  There are lots of online tournaments he can play.  If you live in a big city there are likely some local tournaments you can find too.  His success in those tournament are the stats you should watch for.  If he does well in them he should try going to major national/international tournaments.  That said there is likely going to be a good bit of losing before there is winning.  That's just how it goes.  Going to tournaments and losing still can be a great learning experience.

I'm a mother of 5 boys ranging 4 to 12 ... They have xbox 360, xbox 1, and playstation 1,2,3 is there any way to connect them to 2 tv's for split screening purposes? My kids want 2 screens to play separate players? Is this possible?

Asked by Confused mom about 9 years ago

They would need to have two of the same console.

What are some of the best locations in North America for professional gaming / Major tournaments?

Asked by Kris May almost 11 years ago

It varies a bit game to game but, basically the big cities and population centers in the us.  Your best bet is finding a forum for competitve play in your game and they will have tournaments listed.  There are often lots of local tournaments for a game and then major tournaments that the top teams/players go to.  The top tournaments are at various cities.

I really want to become a professional gamer but finding a job that provides decent money and decent time to practice has proven difficult. Do you have any tips for finding sponsors?

Asked by Ryan AKA Hydrochetta almost 11 years ago

It's tough, I played professionally while I was still in school.  Now that I have a job I would not have enough time to play professionally.  For finding a sponsor unfortunately you have to already have good tournament placings and to have proven yourself.  If you have an exciting personality you may be able to find sponsors with lower tournament placings than otherwise, but still need significant success.  Be warned that very few people make enough money playing competitively to live on.  Although, there are more every year.

i wanna become a pro pc gamer(COD). You say go to tournaments but i live in Belgium and all the tournaments are for LOL or COD ghosts for xbox or ps3 non for pc. What do i have to do?

Asked by Blizzard about 10 years ago

I don't know the Call of Duty scene very well, I also haven't ever played a game that didn't have one dominant console.  So, I'm not that familiar with the situation.  My best advice would be to attend online tournaments/ leagues.  A quick google makes me think those exist even for pc.   Use the online leagues to get good at the game figure out pro level tactics and such.  Then once you've had reasonable success and confidence get the console that has the most tournaments.  That or if you have the money just skip to getting the console that has the most tournaments so you don't have to relearn controls.  Sorry there isn't an easier/cheaper solution.

Did you go to college as well as pro game?

Asked by kariology over 10 years ago

I was playing professionally my freshman year of college but, stopped playing because it was too much.  For me I couldn't keep my grades up while playing competitively, but there are lots of examples of top players who also do well in school while playing.

How do you make you internet/pc faster because i game call of duty and most times i'm verry good but sometime then suddenly my start to leak (i shoot on a person but it's not a hit...) how do i fix this

Asked by ShadowFire about 10 years ago

This could be too many things for me to really give you a good answer.  Best I can say is make sure you have a quality computer and quality internet.  Don't have needless programs running at the same time you play.  Some games may also be dependent on the server and other factors, generally tough to take care of that.  Sorry, I couldn't be more helpful.

im looking for a new game what should i get

Asked by apple1234 about 9 years ago

If you want to play competitively I would recommend something in the MOBA genre. Probably League of Legends, but DotA 2 is also a good option. Those games have a very large competitive scene that is growing fast.

My son wants to become a pro gamer on cod. He plays all day and wants to make money. What is your take on it

Asked by Joshua about 9 years ago

He'd make more money learning how to program (I ultimately stopped gaming to do development work). Professional gaming is fun, and you can make some money on it, but you shouldn't count on it as a career. The top top players do make it as there career, but that's not long lasting and most players don't make enough to call it a career. That said if he can keep his grades up it actually is great for building valuable skills, you are playing with a team needing active teamwork as well as planning, problem solving skills, and likely even learning to network if he is working on getting sponsors to send him to events.

I'm looking 4 a arcade game 80s/90s I cant seem 2 find. This is a karate street fight game.
The boss has a gang that you have 2 fight thru before you get 2 him. The boss sits at the top of the screen with his arms cross behind his gang.

Asked by Darieus Weeps over 6 years ago


I used to play Grand Chase. It is a MMORPA. I loved it but it got shut down and replaced but Elsword (which I hate). Do you have any other similar game suggestions?

Asked by BoredLately almost 7 years ago


I live in Sweden and i have a Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth 2 for xbox 360. How much can I sell this game for?

Asked by Alexander about 8 years ago


I wanted to ask, yo know about the "xbox one halo edition", and I really want to get it, bot for now i haven't got the money to buy the preorder, so my question is if you have an estimate of how long it's going to take all samples to be sold out?

Asked by ss over 8 years ago


hey so my boyfriend and I have a ps3 and he purchased a gta 5 gift card that is for online and has million dollars but the card was for ps4 so when I put the code in it didn't go to my account on online I still had. The same money what happend? To it

Asked by Viveka almost 4 years ago


Where should I buy FIFA 17 for PC from ? I'm thinking Origin... does the FIFA from origin have all the features like Multiplayer and all that?

Asked by LeoStoimenov almost 7 years ago


Darksiders 2 on ps3 - I've played this game so many times over the years level 30. Q: Vulgrim doesn't have legacy artifact for me to buy. What can I do. I think it's connected to DLC Argul's Tomb-I went to buy it though Playstation and it wasn't avli

Asked by Darksiderfan over 7 years ago


Can you tell me the exact procedure how to use my laptop screen as display for ps4?
My laptop have output HDMI and has VGA too..

Asked by Anish almost 7 years ago


new to gaming When playing Y8 MASKED SHOOTERS MULTIPLAYER EDITION GAME Few players can disappear and reappear at different locations, Jumping up and down skiping at full speed and flying up to tower staying at least 5 feet from ladder. HOW DO THIS

Asked by Silver Fox almost 8 years ago


Iplay a lot of fallout and boderlands and shooters which is the best

Asked by Rowan about 3 years ago


i hav DDR3 and 4 GB ram in my machine which is 4th generation I3 so i want to buy STRIX-GTX970 4GB GDDR5.CAN I SUPPORT IT?

Asked by shining over 8 years ago


Can you tell me what the difference is between digital deluxe and gold versions of games? I'm just trying to get the most for my money, but I don't play online much. Prefer the campaigns.

Asked by Richie over 2 years ago


I have an Alienware X 51 with a GeForce GTX 645 and an Intel core i3 3220 cpu @3.20 GHz and 8GB of RAM... Will this be enough to play Fallout 4 and on what setting?

Asked by Ronnie over 8 years ago


hiiii!! i want to start to get more into league of legends and dota2. do you know what some good laptops are that would be good for that. that aren't too expensive. thanks!!

Asked by yena over 6 years ago


what is the best high end monitor for gaming now in the market.

Asked by CHIEF over 2 years ago


What's the best pc & monitor to buy online? I want to play on pc and don't know what equipment I need at all

Asked by Sapphy over 2 years ago


Sorry for being dumb for starters. I am Not a Gamer so do I need AMD catalyst on Windows 10?

Asked by Mags over 8 years ago


Which wireless headset for under $100 should work with my nintendo switch original?As well have mic capabilitys?

Asked by Benjisan about 1 year ago


Where do u enter the code for goldberg on wwe 2k17 ps3

Asked by George over 7 years ago


Just got an XBox One after using XBox 360 for 3 years. Have been using internet fron hotspot on my phone, works Ok but nothing like I need it to. When reseRching what speed to use, type of internet (wifi vs modem), so on and so on, I came across some

Asked by Mason about 7 years ago


Cont....latency? Peg or pog? So my question is what type of internet is best for gaming? Speed? What is latency?

Asked by Mason about 7 years ago


Ive Been Looking For Desktop And Monitor But Not Really Sure What To look For Was Wondering If This Whould Be Good For Gaming on Gta V and other games like that plus recrding
This is the computer

Asked by Cjmanmax_ almost 8 years ago


This Is Correct URL

Asked by Cjmanmax_ almost 8 years ago


I have a wii and my brother has a ps3 we both have call of duty blacks ops and we were wondering could he send me a friend request from his ps3 to my wii or do you have to ave the same system

Asked by Shadowguy436 over 8 years ago


My question is what gaming laptop that's around $600 or less worth buying? I've been looking around for 8GB and 3GHz/4, I've been told that's pretty much the best I can get. So I was just wondering of there anything specific/ something to be aware of

Asked by Vers 10 months ago


I want to g y at my husband a gaming laptop for his birthday Thursday he mostly plays league I came across this can u please tell me if outs any good and will run the game condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: MSI
model name / number: GL65

GL65 gaming laptop from MSI, late 2019 model, in excellent (more or less like new, no cosmetic defects) condition.

*Intel i5 - 9300h quad-core, 8-thread CPU
*nVidia GTX 1650
*16gb DDR4 RAM 3266mhz
*high-end cooling system with *seven* copper heat pipes. Never runs hot.
*1080p FullHD, bezel-less screen (60hz)
*512gb M.2 SSD + 512gb SATA
*metal frame, silent indestructible hinges, high-end build all around
*backlit keyboard (red)
*USB C port, gold-plated headphone and mic jacks with a nice DAC, 3x USB 3.1 ports, HDMI 2.0, etc.
*Windows 10

Asked by Rachel over 2 years ago


I am in the market for a gaming laptop. My price range is roughly $1200-1500. I’m looking for a laptop that will be able to handle call of duty Cold War without getting really hot

Asked by Andrew over 3 years ago


I've been playing RPG's on a PlayStation One emulator. There are so many great RPG's for the PS1. I've finished FF's V, VII, and IX, BoF Fire III, The Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms, and Xenogears. What game should I start next?

Asked by about 4 years ago


I'm looking for a 90s arcade fighter game that featured a character named China. Do you know what it is?

Asked by Pink about 8 years ago


Is it better to run a gaming with a wired ethernet adapter or a mesh system?

Asked by Gamer Mom over 3 years ago


My child has a gaming PC connected with an ethernet cable because it seems faster than wireless. Which one would you recommend? Or is a mesh system faster? Thank you.

Asked by Gamer Mom over 3 years ago


I have a Acer Aspire one D257..i know its not a laptop that can play high graphic games but i wanted to knw what games can my AOD257 play??

Asked by B4EAST over 7 years ago


Do you experience any eye problems/strains/fatigue as you game? How do you take care of them? What are some injuries that gamers experience?

Asked by davvviiidddpp over 5 years ago


Is there a multiplayer/battle royale game, where you can hear he enemies chatting? Open mic for everyone in game.

Asked by Siq Sense about 3 years ago


In catlateral damage I know that the items show randomly in levels but if anyone has registered all the things you knock onto floor or break in their collections can you show me a photo or a video going through the list of all items please?

Asked by Terror Cat about 4 years ago


How do I bet the career boss level 5 on drag racing for android

Asked by jay over 7 years ago


Whats the best wireless router for running 3 xbox one consoles at once? One is running 24/7 as a dedicated server and the other 2 play on the server?

Asked by RebelP00 over 6 years ago


I need help with how to transfer and install corporate addon mod for star wars empire at war foc

Asked by Eric Hansen almost 8 years ago


Im looking for a game that had villians with red eyed gas mask its not any of the fallouts need help

Asked by Telli over 5 years ago


I'm looking at this game at the Playstation Network it's called Amnesia: Collection, I've played it like one time I dont remember which one was it but I think this one is a bundle, for $7.49 should I buy it? Is it worth it?

Asked by MJDavis24 over 6 years ago


I’m trying to game on a game called World of Warcraft and I need advice, google the specs required for the game to see what I mean. I’m buying a laptop that has 2.10 GHZ but it’s intel i3-2310M with 4.00 Gb. Is this worth buying for 115?

Asked by Tia over 4 years ago


Looking for an old game cant find its w/ spongebob where gary is taken by the scary jigsaw

Asked by Teresa Vasquez about 3 years ago


I have a ps4 - my acct Is primary
My son has an acct too same console
I bought a DLC for dark souls - he can’t use it- can’t get a refund cause it’s downloaded- are there any tricks I can use to get it fixed??

Asked by Karen709NLFD almost 4 years ago


I bought my son a MSI Radeon 5500 xt but there is no power to connect on the Asus D3305 motherboard. Should I get a new motherboard, if so which one or new graphics card, same question. Thank you very much for your time

Asked by Future Gamers Dad about 3 years ago


Hello i have this CPU/APU AMD A8 6500 with a radeon r5 235 as gpu but i want to use the A8 only as a CPU and buy a better gpu + power supply + mobo + case. And i was wondering what GPU would u recommand in combination with A8 6500 ?

Asked by COGLens over 8 years ago


I want to surprise my son with a gaming chair. Do they make one with built in mic so he doesnt have to wear a headset?

Asked by Tim over 3 years ago


Arctis 7s or hyperx cloud alphas??, just gotta know before I pick one of them up

Asked by Jefffff almost 6 years ago


in the episode of ghost warrior , steal from under their noses, there is a part where tyler hast to swim under a shack, i crouch down to get under the porch , but i can't get low enough to get under , please help

Asked by tumuchmeat about 3 years ago


My son has gotten pretty good at Fortnite, but complains of lag/ping. We have 300mbps internet, it's hardwired to console. His console is likely 5+ y/o. Would XboxOne X improve game performance and issues, or would that just make graphics better?

Asked by bobglorptknck almost 4 years ago


I CANNOT BEAT MUSHROOM 8 on KH2.5. All the strategies on YouTube have failed MULTIPLE times. Please give me something that hopefully works. Everytime I keep hitting the enemy he gets smacked too far away and I cant catch him before he hits the ground

Asked by Cambro93 almost 5 years ago