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Clemson, SC

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I played two entirely different video games professionally for multiple years. That is, I traveled around the country often on a sponsor's dollar and competed in video game tournaments for money. I believe I can provide good insights into professional gaming. If you want to know more just ask!

I'm now lead developer at LiveNinja an internet startup that I will shamelessly promote here.

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Last Answer on February 12, 2015

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Do you have to stand or sit when competing in gaming tournaments?

Asked by The Potato about 12 years ago

I've never seen a gaming tournament where you have to stand. I've known a few players who prefer to stand while they play but, in my experience sitting is always an option.

Do you ever fire up some old classics like Tecmo Bowl or Blades of Steel just for a lark?

Asked by mike about 12 years ago

I do play some of my old n64 favorites for fun and nostalgia from time to time. N64 was my first real introduction to video games (deprived childhood I know) so I don't go much older than that.

Do you think consoles and games are priced fairly? Are they too expensive, or a good bargain?

Asked by Marcia about 12 years ago

I would like for games to be cheaper, but games do cost a lot to make so the price makes sense at least to some degree. A variety of different pricing methods are now emerging, these vary from subscription models to significant games that are free but, sell aesthetic features.

I remember reading about how there are thousands of people that literally take off a few days of work when the new Madden comes out. Have you ever taken off work/school to play a new release? Which game(s)?

Asked by benjiboo almost 12 years ago

That is pretty common for most big game release. I'm more of the play one game really, really well type. So I've never taken a day off for a game release, but I have taken a day or two off from school to give me time to fly to a major tournaments.

Have you ever seen people in a gaming tournament get physically violent because of something that happened during a match?

Asked by Flawless Vic...tory about 12 years ago

I have never seen a physical fight happen in a gaming tournament. I heard that once around 5 years ago there was a fight between Gears of War teams at a major tournament and that was a big part of the reason the game got dropped from that tournament circuit. That is just hear say and could be incredibly wrong, to focus on the question physical fights are somewhere between very rare and non-existent. I have seen a few people break their controllers or keyboards when they lose a very important match or lose to a tactic they think is "cheap." Although, that too is rare.

Do you take Adderall or anything similar? Is use of focus drugs in tournies considered cheating, and if not, is it widespread?

Asked by vivafifa about 12 years ago

Adderall and similar drugs are fairly common. I'm not aware of any tournaments where Adderall is formerly banned but, that is mostly due to testing for it and having to make exceptions for those with prescriptions would be a nightmare. It is generally frowned upon at least by those players who don't take Adderall or something similar.

Why does it seem like 9 out of 10 new video games are first-person shooters? Doesn't that get old at some point?

Asked by qwerty about 12 years ago

There are other games out there but, the first person shooters do seem to be the big budgets with lots of advertising lately. I guess they are just selling well.