Hollywood Executive Assistant

Hollywood Executive Assistant


Los Angeles, CA

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High-Level Assistant to Chairmen & CEOs of Fortune 100 Companies & Hollywood Executive Producers. Ask me anything! "Like" my answers, especially if you submitted the question so I know you read it! :D Thx!

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Last Answer on August 23, 2020

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I am currently being considered for a "Sr. Asst to Mgmt", supporting a Pres/CEO at a large well known Financial company. I was told I was the top candidate. What are some questions I might ask the Pres/CEO himself when I interview with him?

Asked by Marabelle over 10 years ago


Can you tell us about a notable problem you've experienced trying to get something done, or a conflict of some sort that you solved? It's really interesting to know in detail about some of your experiences. Thanks for this column/your blog. Very insp

Asked by Jessica over 9 years ago


Hi there...

I stumbled across your blog and am finding your tips very useful... thanks so much for sharing :) Are you able to provide some examples of where you had to "think outside the square/box" in your previous or current role? Thanks, Di

Asked by Di from Oz over 9 years ago


I "worked" as a "Private PA" for my (now)ex-partner for 4 yrs. I did EVERYTHING. (VHNWI, CEO, travel, staff, etc) I'd love to do this professionally, but I doubt my ability. How do I get my skills & my head round to being confident/looking for work?

Asked by Lorraine over 5 years ago


You never gave a clear answer as to how much the best EA can earn in a year. Could you at least give a general range of what an entertainment industry EA can make. What is a typical starting salary?

Asked by sascha over 10 years ago


I am really passionate about being an executive assistant but I do not know if I should go to college for my business degree or go to vocational school for the training.

Asked by Melinda over 9 years ago


I support a team of executives and luckily I can say they are all WONDERFUL. I want to come up with new ideas or things to suggest to help them become better at what they do, and show that I do care and love what I do. How do you go out of the box?

Asked by MarieM about 6 years ago