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High-Level Assistant to Chairmen & CEOs of Fortune 100 Companies & Hollywood Executive Producers. Ask me anything! "Like" my answers, especially if you submitted the question so I know you read it! :D Thx!

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Hi K, this isn't a question - I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all your time and effort that you spend writing your blog and also answering questions here :) it's SO insightful to what it's like to become an EA in the future!

Asked by Emma over 10 years ago

Emma - Wow!  It is so nice to get a thank you email!  You're the best.  It's a lot to juggle and writing takes hours so it is nice to know I am appreciated as a volunteer to this site and blogging.  I wish helping EAs was something I could devote more energy to, so I really appreciate everyone's patience and understanding while I work a demanding FT job and thrive in my personal life too.  Though I may not be posting every week like I was earlier in the year, know I am always generating ideas and miss having time with all my readers.  Getting comments like this or to my previous entries makes me happy that there is an archive for everyone to discover.  Until my next entry, all my best!

What qualifications / skills should I require on a job description for a GREAT executive assistant for my small food consulting company?

Asked by MLMCI almost 11 years ago


Sorry I have been behind in answering questions. I do realize you also asked another question, which I haven’t forgotten.

I think this is a great question, so I hope my answer is helpful to you. I have never worked at a food consulting company, per se, but I did waitress for a couple of years, I am a foodie, I work with food vendors a lot, and I strongly believe in customer service being vital in ANY role regardless of job title or company. I’ll answer you question in severals ways just to be thorough. So here are 3 tips:

1) List qualifications, skills, value, principles, a list of daily tasks, and other related info.

Paint a great picture of your ideal EA and your company’s mission statement using your personality and core values. Keep in mind,if you want the assistant to stay forever or not get promoted, write CAREER EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT. Or if you want to promote them mention, the right assistant will be promoted after 2-3 years. Some useful key words you can use are: great problem solver, able to think a few steps ahead, attention to detail and ability to see the bigger picture, multitasker, great with logistics, smart, proactive, personable, friendly, empathetic, sympathetic, foodie, appreciates good food, collaborate, partnership, manage, point person, workflow, and knowledge of x, y, z software programs, gatekeeper, face of our company, first and last point of contact, whatever it takes attitude, green, hungry, great listener, customer service oriented, etc… Then write a list specific list of daily, weekly tasks, or a % breakdown of what the role entails. It can be 50% daily calendar management, travel, phones, and coordinating client meetings, 25% expense reports, accounting, and misc special projects, 15% vendor and client management, 10% personal executive assistant duties such as picking up lunch, tasting samples, etc. To get you started...

Small Food Consulting Company is looking for a stellar Executive Assistant to join our team! If you love food, partnering with clients and executives, and being “the face” of our company, please continue reading. We are seeking an Executive Assistant with X - X years of experience. We also want someone who is __________, _________, and __________.

2) Personal referrals are good bet.

When people get an interview through someone they have a connection with, the sense of obligation, to be really hard working, and to do well is much more heightened because they don’t want to let anyone down or look bad. Even though you don’t know them directly or too well, some close degree of separation is better than no connection. This is not to say a total stranger can’t be good, but most AMAZING employees already have jobs and have no shortages of headhunters trying to recruit them away. So, to find a great EA, find someone young, new to the industry, or looking to switch fields - they will be greener, hungrier, and hopefully more passionate than anyone just looking for any job.

3) I answered a similar question on my blog and wrote 10 TIPS so please look at this answer too! It is much more in depth and helpful.


What should I pay a GREAT executive assistant? Live in AR, relatively large city and run a consulting group.

Asked by MLMCI almost 11 years ago



This graph should be pretty helpful. There are other sites that are also good to consult like glassdoors. I’m more curious how big your company is and how much revenue your company generates. This matters because it translates to how busy, stressful, how much experience you need them to have, and if you need a specialized Executive Assistant. Top EAs that work for a famous CEO (think Google, Fortune 100 companies) make as much as low level executives in middle management and have titles like Chief of Staff sometimes.

The most popular question on this column is about salary and this is the answer I wrote:


How much can the best executive assistants earn in a year?

Asked by regan999 on 05/10/2012


The salary of an EA depends on what city you work in, how big your company is, and a zillion other factors that come into play just like any other job. The entertainment industry is mostly in Los Angeles, but pockets do exist elsewhere in the nation so you will see a fluctuation. Like any other field, the more experience you have under your belt the more you will get paid. It's not uncommon for an EA who has been in the industry forever and who works for someone very, very, very high profile to make a comfortable living - as if they themselves were a regular lower-ranking executive or part of management. Keep in mind, these types of executive assistants are very, very few and far between. Will you get paid mid-six figures as an EA - no. Is the job sometimes well-paying enough that it attracts those who don't want to climb the corporate ladder while reaping some of the benefits as if they were - yes. All in all, there's a part of you that has to want this job bad enough and love it enough to excel in it. Otherwise, sometimes the job can be a little challenging that most people only pursue it to pay their dues or be a writer on the side. It is never their life goal to grow up to be an executive assistant. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Do you have to be an encyclopedia of names, films, tv shows, in order to be an assistant? I feel like there is so much content and sometimes when people drop names if. you don't know them does that hurt your ability to be an assistant?

Asked by Jerry about 4 years ago

Hi, Jerry!  Thank you so much for this great question.  Sorry it took me so long to respond.  While you do not have to know every single name and greenlit project, you'd want to have your pulse on the industry and adjacent ones like music, social media stars, Broadway, and really just pop culture.  I once met with an iconic producer and asked them their favorite shows and they admitted they didn't actually watch a lot of TV, but did have a favorite or two, so I felt much better.  There is just too much content for anyone to know everything.  The one thing I do caution about is, if you work in entertainment and leave for a completely unrelated industry for too long and want to come back, some people might be hesitant to interview you for being out of the game too long.  They wonder if you've been keeping up.  It's why I always felt hesitant about pivoting in my career unless I was absolutely sure.  I've written about that on my other blog, Musings of a High-Level Executive Assistant.  If you're just starting out, it's a different story because they won't need to ask why you left in the first place.  The best thing you can do is follow what's popular, see what's trending on social media, have your favorite shows you can talk about, and read the trades (Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, but also follow other breaking news and entertainment sites like TMZ, Perez Hilton, and a handful more).  Treat everyone with kindness because it's the right thing to do and because this industry is TINY.  The good news is, you are probably already doing much of this because it's a natural interest of yours anyway.  I hope you are staying safe and well during COVID!    

I just started a new position as the EA to a CEO. What tips to you have to management a very busy calendar?

Asked by dmarshall64 about 10 years ago


I love your blogs & really appreciate all of your input! I have been a senior EA for 20+ years. Support a C-Level, but struggle when directs of directs on down come to me for things. We are lacking 'group admins'. Need encouragement in this area.

Asked by Rachel S. - Alias :) almost 11 years ago


My boss has requested for me to manage his mailbox which I am not sure how to do it and would appreciate some advice. I am also concern as he is not responsive on emails. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your help.

Best regards,

Asked by Amber over 7 years ago