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As a tenure-track member of a university faculty, I’m one part teaching, one part research. Teaching-to-research ratios vary from school to school. At a research-focused school, professors are judged largely on their research productivity – the # of journal articles, chapters, and books they publish, as well as the prestige of the publications. At a “balanced” school, professors are required to teach more and have less rigid research requirements. Ask me anything about being a college professor.

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Last Answer on May 17, 2012

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If you have a student who's just on the CUSP of getting a higher final grade, will you bump him up?

Asked by simon over 11 years ago

For me this comes down to if I think the student has really been trying or not. This is where it counts whether the student regularly comes to class, engages in discussion, etc. If they student gives me no reason to do this (doesn't show much motivation or effort) then I probably wouldn't.

Why are some professors so stuck up and big headed?

Asked by Buddy almost 4 years ago


Why are some professors so stuck up and big headed?

Asked by Buddy almost 4 years ago


what do you do when a student falls asleep in your class

Asked by mr m over 9 years ago


Is being a professor an overwhelming amount of work? Is it so much work you regret being professor?

Asked by Lorelai Marin 9 months ago


Do you think students make good use of office hours, or is this a resource that gets squandered?

Asked by Maryanne AZ over 10 years ago


What is your take on Gorge Floyd?

Asked by Friend over 3 years ago