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Swim Instructor


30 Years Experience

Reisterstown, MD

Female, 54

I'm a Red Cross certified WSI Swim Instructor, specializing in Stroke Mechanics and Technique work. (All ages and abilities.) I've instructed off-and-on for somewhere around 30 years. In addition to instructing, I coach triathletes for the swim portion of their triathlons. (Indoor and Open Water.) For me, "water is home". So in addition to instructing and coaching, I manage an aquatic center for a local gym chain, lifeguard, and also instruct Red Cross lifeguard classes. Life's good!

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Last Answer on February 08, 2016

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I need to go 7-12 feet(I'm not sure which) and get a 10 pound brick but sometimes I can't get it on the first try and other times I get it but I come up coughing. Do you have any advice? I really want to pass the test.

Asked by Sarah over 7 years ago

Make sure you get a big bite of air before submerging for your surface dive. If you dive head first, use a flutter kick as you go down. Keeping your body streamlined is integral to success. Breast stroke pull and make sure to blow your bubble slowly upon going down. Once you've retrieved the 10lb brick, push HARD off the bottom of the pool. When you break the surface, get immediately onto your back. Position the brick at your lesser point of buoyancy. As long as the brick is on your torso, you are completely legal in carriage. You may position the brick high on your chest, to low at your pelvis, but it must touch the torso at all times. Kick with an elementary backstroke kick or a flutter kick -- whichever you are most comfortable with. And remember to practice before you actually do it in the test, and then when you have to do it in the test, even if you freak out and get s snort full of water? Keep going. If someone is drowning and you're their last hope? You won't get a "do-over". So your LGI instructor most likely won't give you a second chance. Good luck! I'll be anxious to hear how you do!