Sr. Software Engineer

Sr. Software Engineer

The Mentor

Jacksonville, FL

Male, 31

I have been in the IT industry for 8 years. I started as a Desktop Specialist and worked my way into a developer role. I have worked in both small start-ups and larger enterprise companies. I have primarily focused my career on the Microsoft stack including C# and SQL. I have experience working the full stack from the back-end data access to the front-end user presentation on websites using HTML and Javascript.

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Last Answer on November 05, 2014

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is it possible to access locked content on desire to learn (d2l)

Asked by applebottom almost 8 years ago


i am a senior in highschool and i want to become a software engineer, my near college offers only computer science what should i do? I would love a guidance to the right decision

Asked by Elio Molina over 6 years ago