Certified Nurse Aide

Certified Nurse Aide


syracuse, NY

Female, 31

I have been doing aide work for the majority of three years. I work in a nursing home. It's quite fast paced where I work. I do things for nurses such as vitals, help with wound care as well as daily grooming for the elderly and provide companionship. We also have to do the end of life care, which can be emotionally draining. You tend to become very attatched. It has been by far the hardest, but most rewarding, position that I have ever held. So please, ask away :-)

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Last Answer on August 11, 2014

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Why do you say your job is "rewarding"? How has it affected your personality for the better?

Asked by kara_lacher over 6 years ago

My job is rewarding on many levels. For starters, your team of residents becomes like a mini family. It is the only job that I don't mind working on holidays because I'm leaving my family to go to my other "family". The look of appreciation that you get for helping with even the simplest things is rewarding in itself. I love hearing stories of their lives and how the world was to them 80 years ago. The feeling you get inside is one I can't really describe, you'd have to feel it.

My job has helped me learn patience in my own life. Appreciation for time, we don't ever realize just how fast life really is. I am more fun loving and less serious about things that used to seem problematic in my life. I don't have time for senseless stress anymore :-) Most of all it has taught me to love the people in my life and let them KNOW how much I love them. To be physically present in their lives. So many times I saw the hurt in peoples eyes, when they come to say goodbye to a loved one that passed, saying how they hadn't seen their loved one in years and that they should have came sooner..while they say that I think of the times that particular elder was lonely and wanted their family there with them, but you can't go back and change time..I don't want to be the person saying those things. I want my time here to count with those I love.

Have you noticed old people getting more religious as they get older and their health fails?

Asked by Brava over 6 years ago

I see a good variance.  I have seen some elderly who weren't religous at all start praying to the lord when they know that their time is coming to an end. They'd ask forgiveness and for peace. The religous tend to become even more so as time goes on, and then there's some that never mention anything of the sort.

I know this doesn't really have to do so much with religion, but there was a psychic lady that would just randomly tell you things that happened in your past and/or will happen in your future. She was pretty on point with a lot of people..almost eerily on point. For some reason she came to mind as I typed this and I felt that I should share :-)

Do any fights break out over who's in and out of a will in front of a person who's still alive?

Asked by Cherie over 6 years ago

I have heard family members coercing an elder about where items should go, but usually that is done before they're even placed in a home when they are of more sound mind to make decisions so everything is in place.

There were two elders that were told that they weren't being placed permenantly, just a temporary setting, and family sold their homes on them. It was really sad to see the news broke to them and for them to realize that where they were at was now their permanent home.

How do you deal with client erections, or how would you?

Asked by Nash over 6 years ago

You just ignore it and pay no mind. More often than not, they can't help it. Even more often than not, they don't even realize that it's happening. The ones that do realize that it's happening are more than likely more embarrassed than I am, some have even apologized. That is the only time I acknowledge it and say "Ohh geez, don't worry about it, I'm not" or something of that nature, otherwise I simply pretend to not notice it and go about my business.

How much sex goes on in a nursing home? Are older folks active will into their 70s, and 80s?

Asked by Jonah about 6 years ago

It really depends on where you are. It does happen, but not often where I am. The people I care for aren't aware of much anymore unfortunately. In more independant care facilities I'm sure it happens more often.

So you see a lot of old people. Do you think the pursuit of a longer human lifespan is a good idea?

Asked by takeoffer123 almost 6 years ago


My grandmother's no longer competent and has had 24-hour care for years, and only gets about 500 calories / day from shakes we feed via syringe. How can the body survive for so long with so little nutrition?

Asked by Elie5 over 5 years ago