Call Center Representative

Call Center Representative


Albany, NY

Female, 31

I have spent the last 5 years as a call center representative for a health insurance company Ask me anything about my experiences -- like how we are monitored on every move we make and every word we utter, how we have to document and summarize calls while we're talking to you, etc. How nice a caller you are affects the lengths we'll go to try and help you, or the loopholes we're willing to share. p.s. There is usually a way around everything.

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Last Answer on May 06, 2014

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Do you get hoarse from talking on the phone all day?

Asked by Shawna over 9 years ago

Sometimes, but usually I am OK.. I'll tell you though, the last thing I want to do is talk when I first get home..I definitely need a little break. Also I don't enjoy personal calls as much as I used to, I find myself avoiding the phone.

Does your company ever have supervisors or "insiders" call up and pose as a customer to secretly evaluate your performance and if so does that keep you on your toes, or do you find it more sneaky and offensive than anything else?

Asked by Polipza555 over 9 years ago

Yes, we got test calls. You could usually tell because they asked outlandish questions. It didn't bother me really because I could recognize the calls and they were very infrequent. So I just made sure I did everything by the book on those calls and I always did fine :-) 

Are all calls really recorded (like the recording says), and if there's a dispute, can the company pull a specific call from months or even years prior?

Asked by Marlin55 over 9 years ago

Yes, every single call is recorded and the company and quality assurance can listen to the calls whenever they want. We are also regularly graded on our calls. And yes, if there is a dispute the bosses will listen to the calls.

Does it bother you when callers hang up as you're giving them the final "Thanks for calling and have a wonderful day" sign-off? I always do that, but then I feel bad that it makes the CSR feel kind of crappy, or is that a non-issue?

Asked by Juaren about 9 years ago


Is it really a rule that you can’t be the first to hang up on a a caller?!

Asked by Nsnsnsn over 3 years ago


Should you always end a call with is there anything else I can help you with

Asked by TEd over 7 years ago