CPR Trainer

CPR Trainer

CPR Trainer

Ashburn, VA

Female, 33

I have been a certified CPR/AED Trainer for 8 years. I started my own training company in 2009 with my husband. My professional life revolves around training everyone from Doctors and Nurses to Moms and Dads how to perform CPR and react in an emergency. For the last 3 years, we have trained over 1,200 students annually. Ask me anything and everything about CPR, Saving Lives and training manikins.

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Last Answer on April 28, 2016

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How do you do CPR on a COVID-19 victim

Asked by asdf 6 months ago


I don't agree with removing clothing including bras on women for performing CPR on any person. You are wasting time by doing so. What are your viewpoints?

Asked by Ian K. Watts over 3 years ago


I've noticed in recent videos (both actual & tutorial) a procedure to lift victim's shirt to expose their belly, inspect it, then continue usual CPR procedure. Some return for glances again throughout CPR.
Why is this?

Asked by Lincoln about 3 years ago


How easy is it to learn how to do CPR?

Asked by CAT 8 months ago


Hi, so how should I become CPR certified?

Asked by Jj 4 months ago


What are the steps to become a CPR trainer?

Asked by Stacey almost 2 years ago