Radio program/music director

Radio program/music director

Jim the radio guy

Boston, MA

Male, 55

I have spent over 25 years in radio as a program/music director as well as on-air for various stations in New England. Feel free to ask me anything you like or wanted to know regarding this fun career!

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Last Answer on July 22, 2019

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Have you heard of the software that some companies claim can predict whether a song will be popular based on running it through an algorithm and how much validity does that stuff have?

Asked by tarun singh over 9 years ago

Hello tarun - I have heard of things like that & I hope real human ears couldstill beat a computer program for determining if a song will be popular. Still, there are times the computer would be right...personally I don't put a lot of faith in that method & I would never depend on it as gospel. Have a good one !

Do you think the old-timey radio drama genre will ever make a comeback? I have some very fond memories of listening to those with my parents, but it feels like they've more or less disappeared now!

Asked by Ham Radio almost 10 years ago

Hello Ham Radio - It's possible it may make a comeback...with streaming available you might be able to find a station that plays radio dramas from time to time but they are certainly not common...many radio dramas were done live way back when & I'm not sure what's available today...good luck & thanks for the question!

What kind of behind-the-scenes commercial arrangements are there in radio? Can a record label pay a station to give its star a certain # of plays per day?

Asked by Sines over 9 years ago

Hi Sines - No a record company cannot pay a radio stationin consideration for playing a certain song or songs. That is payola & is illegal & has never happened at any stationI have worked for.

Thanks for the question Sines!

What specific events or programming decisions led to the most substantial rises or drops in listener numbers? Would hiring a hot DJ or running a specific promotion be enough to see an immediate spike in numbers?

Asked by Conan123 about 9 years ago

Hi Conan123 - Usually patience is required after any change as it's not a quick thing. You can introduce a "hot DJ" but it still could take awhile before the audience shifts away from other places. Promotions work the same way...they need advertising to get the word out as well as word of mouth to attract listeners from other stations. Some of the most successful promotions offer a cash prize. We all can find a use for money!

Do you think there will always be a place for terrestrial radio, or does it feel like it's something whose obituary is being written, like video rental stores or print newspapers?

Asked by Steve over 9 years ago

Steve - I really think terrestrial radio will be around for a long long time to come! Thanks for the question!

Can you have a song with the word codeine in it! Or can you say the word codeine in your song?

Asked by BJM almost 5 years ago


Yes you can...hope that helps!

Hi. Today, 7/25/17, I heard a song between 12:45PM to 1:15PM approximatey. It starts off with only sax for a while and then the vocals. I have to find the name of the artist and the title (or I'll go nuts!) Please help.
Thank you very much.

Asked by lolalady almost 7 years ago

Hi lolalady,

I would need a little more info to narrow this one down!