iPhone & iPad Technician

iPhone & iPad Technician

I Favor the iPad

Boulder, CO

Female, 42

I have been fixing and playing with mobile devices for many years. I have to say my favorites are the most recent Apple creations of the iPhone and the iPad. Though not perfect (who is?), Apple has done a lot of right things with these two products. I.E. Using the same operating system makes it easy for a user to go from an iPhone to an iPad with a very small learning curve. I know these devices well, so ask me any questions!

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Last Answer on January 21, 2016

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What is the dumbest thing any customer has ever asked you about an Apple product?

Asked by rsmith over 10 years ago

Well, to be honest, I am very patient with customers. I do not consider anything a stupid question. It is just that people do not know, whether they just don't have the mindset for it or do not want to spend the time to get the knowledge.

However, the funniest story I ever heard was this: a guy calls up tech support and tells them that he is having a problem with his computer. The tech-support person asks what the problem is. The customer says my cup holder is broken. After further questioning, the tech-support person discovered that the customer was using his CD tray as a cupholder.

So you don't have to answer this ..but my macbook used to shut off every time I closed it. I liked this b/c that way the battery wouldn't die every time I stopped charging it. How do I get it to do this again?

I figured you might know.

Asked by random, about my apple macbook about 10 years ago

Hi Random,

There could be a few things going on there. It could be a setting you need to change, it might be a known issue that is resolved via updating the OS, or a few other things.  It is very difficult to troubleshoot an OS issue without having the computer in front of you.

Since this is not the correct format for troubleshooting technical issues, may I suggest that you do a google search using the keywords "macbook shuts down when lid closed", or take you macbook to your nearby Apple store.

If someone brings you a broken product and you can't fix it, do you charge them anyway for your time?

Asked by Lisa over 10 years ago

I work for someone else and get an hourly salary.  However, if I were to own my own mobile device repair shop, I would charge a minimal fee of $40.00 whether the device was fixable or not, because I did take some good time to take apart the device and try to fix it.  If I couldn't fix it, $40.00 is all you would owe...if I owned my own shop. 

I would love to be an old fashioned business owner and not charge a penny if I couldn't fix it, but sadly it is so expensive to live today and fixing devices doesn't really make a lot of money, I would have to charge a minimal fee.

my computer (windows vista) does not recognize my iphone 5 but it does recognize my ipod touch and ipad mini?

Asked by wildor over 9 years ago

Hi wildor,

This isn't really a troubleshooting board.  However, there is more then one possible cause to the problem you are having.  First, try updating your version of iTunes to the latest version.

Also, check out this link: http://support.apple.com/kb/ts1538

Do a google search using this phrase: "windows does not recognize my iphone"

Good luck!

can i phone 6 get hacked? if so can that person use your email connected to iPhone and send out your personal photos to others to craigslist sex ads? and if so why hacker would be doing so? husband swears his phone is hacked, hard to believe.

Asked by lana about 8 years ago

Hello Lana,

Let's take your questions one at a time:

Question 1: can i phone 6 get hacked?

Answer 1: Yes, the iPhone 6 can get hacked. Any operating system can get hacked.

Question 2: if so can that person use your email connected to iPhone and send out your personal photos to others to craigslist sex ads?

Answer 2: The last I heard Craigslist stopped doing sex ads/personals a long time ago. That doesn't mean a person can't sneak such a posting into craigslist. A persons email address can get hijacked and used by someone else, though I believe it is a pretty hard thing to do these days.

Question 3: and if so why hacker would be doing so?

Answer 3: Mainly to be hard to track down.

If your husbands email address has been hijacked and is being used by someone else then he needs to get a new email address. 

Most people who put up sex ads either want to be contacted, thus they would use an email address they can access OR they are trying to direct someone to a website where either a virus gets downloaded onto your computer or they want you to buy something. If someone wants to be hard to track down and make money illegally at the same time one technique would be to hijack someone else's email address.

Hoped that helped.


What drew you into this career path? Did you have prior experience in Apple software or any other type of software? Thanks

Asked by Freshie almost 8 years ago

I first fell into computer support back in 1997 by getting a customer service job with GTE Telecommunications (they got bought out years ago). I just stayed with it, and eventually fixing computers and mobile devices became a part of my job.

I am no longer in this career. I am switching to web development as it is better pay and way better treatment. If you are thinking about doing computer type support for more then a few years, I recommend you don't. It's a thankless job these days where you will have to take a lot of abuse from all sorts of people.