Claims Adjuster

Claims Adjuster


Tallahassee, FL

Female, 27

I worked at an insurance company, in claims, from March of 2011 to August 2013. (I'm now back in grad school) I've got experience determining liability (or fault) in 7 states in the southeast US, as well as injury (Personal Injury Protection or PIP) claims in Florida.

**Disclaimer!** I am NOT qualified to give legal advice, so don't ask!

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Last Answer on September 24, 2013

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was in a car accident on March 15 2015 I was in a hit and run my property damage is settled I'm waiting on the bodily injury adjuster I'm still in pain I went to the emergency room for treatment what amount IS do not want to hire an attorney

Asked by jay jay about 9 years ago


Got into accident and the at fault insurance adjuster refused to pay for some damages,saying that they were impossible to occur in the situation.but i am sure that the damages come from the accident what should i do?

Asked by daniele almost 10 years ago


I have a homeowners claim that was investigated by the SIU and she told me that her investigation was completed and that the adjuster will be contacting me is this a good thing

Asked by ketcha almost 10 years ago


If a trucking company take out occ /acc group ins. from my payroll. and have the ins. name on it. How can an outside Ins. company denial me benefits and close my case. This happen in July 28,2009. Now the case have been reopen and nothing is done.

Asked by daniel almost 10 years ago


Lets say your driving and your in the turning lane to make a left turn & a car in front of you not in the turning lane decides to back up into the turning ln & hits the car already in turning lane who is at fault

Asked by Raven_5923 over 10 years ago


Hwve a client..state farm insurance...turned ac on and noticed a lil mold..and relaized had a leak in attic...sent a contractor. up and said the a\c company installed pan wrong when it was built 6 yrs ago

Asked by mike h about 9 years ago