Beauty Queen

Beauty Queen


Norco, CA

Female, 21

In 2010 I won the Miss Norco pageant, beginning one of the biggest journeys of my life. Throughout the year I represented businesses in my town at hundreds of events. The next year, I represented Norco at the Miss California 2011 pageant. While I wasn’t a finalist there, I had an amazing experience throughout the year meeting new people and learning just what I’m capable of. I have discovered a new world of beauty, scholarship, and confidence that I hope to be a part of for as long as possible.

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Last Answer on May 17, 2012

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What's your talent?!

Asked by hulahoop1 over 12 years ago

My talent is dancing. I have been dancing as long as I could walk, and it is my true passion. I stopped dancing competitively about five years ago, and I am so thankful that competing in pageants has helped me to realize my love and need for dance once again. For my local title, Miss Norco, I did a fun jazz dance to a song called “Cinema Italiano” from the movie “Nine”. It was probably the most fun dance I have ever performed, and for it I won the High Talent award. Then for Miss California I did a dance to a song called “Beautiful Slave” which was recorded by a non-profit band named Take No Glory. I chose this song because my platform competing in this pageant was Human Trafficking Awareness, and that is what this very powerful song was about. It was a challenge for me, a very outgoing and bubbly person, to embrace the sad and emotional character that when with this style of dance, but I am happy to say that I did it! Now that pageants have brought dancing and choreography back into my life, it is something I hope to never give up again.

Have you ever suspected that the judging in a pageant was rigged?

Asked by 6feetUNDER over 12 years ago

Sadly, yes I have. While I have not suspected it in a pageant that I personally ran in, I have witnessed some pretty unfair decisions in pageants that I have watched. There is nothing worse than seeing a girl who did not truly deserve to win take the crown. Sometimes girls can fool the judges into believing they are something they are not because they have extensive experience and practice with interviews and pageants, even if they are not truly fit to wear the crown.

Do pageants have any rules against things like plastic surgery, liposuction, botox, or other elective cosmetic procedures?

Asked by Lesley over 12 years ago

While I can not answer for ALL pageant circuits, I know that there are no such rules in most pageants. I would like to say that pageants promote young women being them natural selves, but it is also a lot about confidence. While most girls would probably not share truths regarding elective cosmetic procedures, I would bet it is common amongst pageant contestants. Especially those who compete on an extremely competitve (national or global) level. If the judges were to have knowledge of these procedures in some pageants, such as the America pageants, I believe they would be a hindrance for the contestant, whereas if it were a USA pageant, this knowledge may not affect the results as much.

How did you first get into beauty pageants?

Asked by CreweD1 over 12 years ago

The Miss Norco Pageant is a huge tradition in my town that has been running for 62 years now, and it has been a dream my whole life to win it. Wanting the title of Miss Norco and the opportunity to be a role model in my hometown was what got me started with beauty pageants, and I now have the desire to stay involved with them because of the growth and experience I have gained. All beauty pageants are different, but the ones that I have been a part of from the Miss America Organization have been a great way to meet amazing new people and learn a lot about myself as a young woman.

What one change would you like to make to today's pageant industry?

Asked by moronUSA over 12 years ago

If I could change one thing in today’s pageant industry, I would want all pageant circuits to start embracing every girl for who she is, and stop looking for a certain “type” of girl. For instance, the Miss America system is looking for an All-American, classy young woman, and the Miss USA system leans more towards the exotic, model type young woman. I believe that the best girl should always win and be able to bring their personality to the title, rather than finding the girls already molded to fit the image.

Are you in close to pageant-ready shape year-round, or do you have to diet and work out like crazy as a competition approaches?

Asked by boron over 12 years ago

I have always been pretty naturally fit because I have been a dancer my whole life, but preparing for Miss California has definitely given me a new drive to stay fit and eat healthy. I am blessed to say that I have never had to diet, but now I love to run and exercise on a daily basis. Now I can say that I do feel in-shape and ready for a pageant at all times, and this is all thanks to a discipline that pageant training has taught me. I have seen some girls try to diet just as the pageant approaches, but I personally think it is much healthier and will make someone feel better to just live a healthy lifestyle at all times and always be somewhat pageant-ready.

Have you ever watched Toddlers and Tiaras?

Asked by moshpit1234 over 12 years ago

I have actually never watched the show, and I don’t really care to. I hear from other people how moms turn their poor little girls into tiara seeking monsters, and it makes me sick. I absolutely believe in pageants for younger girls as being a way for them to make friends, learn social skills, and gain confidence, but I don’t think that is the aspect this show is trying to present. I have girls of all ages on my court in Norco, and I know that they do this for fun. During the preparation for the pageant the girls have fun and become friends, and then those who win are a joy to have on court. I think this show should try capturing the side of baby and beauty pageants that I have seen, and maybe they could prevent toddlers from being turned into pageant monsters.

Is there truth to the stereotypes of “pageant parents”?

Asked by decadeka over 12 years ago

While I wasn’t involved in pageants as a child, I would have to say that it is slightly exaggerated. I have girls on my court ranging from the ages of 4 to 18, and I can see that they are in pageants to have fun and that their parents have put them in pageants so that they can make friends and learn how to be comfortable on stage. Pageants can be a great experience for young children, but I am not naïve to the fact that they can also be destructive. There are parents who push their daughters too hard in this field, but that stereotype shouldn’t block out all of the good things pageants can do for a child’s development.

Have you ever completely flubbed a question on-stage like Miss South Carolina from a few years ago?

Asked by edhelms over 12 years ago

I feel so bad for that poor girl and the reputation she has gained from bombing that question. There is a lot of pressure and nervousness that comes with having to answer a question on stage like that, and even the most pageant-experienced girl can still “flub” the easiest question. Thankfully I have never done that, and hopefully I never do. I usually feel very comfortable answering questions, and I have learned to always take a moment to collect my thoughts before I blurt out something ridiculous and youtube worthy.

What's been the highlight of your pageant career to this point?

Asked by slowclap over 12 years ago

The highlight of my pageant career would have to be getting back into dancing as I prepared for the Miss California pageant. I danced for about 12 years, and then quit in order to focus on school and getting an education. It has been a huge void in my life, but dancing and preparing for the talent portion of the pageant competition reignited my passion and soul for dancing. Now that I have started up again, I don’t plan on ever quitting. More than ever, I have realized my love for performing and I even discovered a new desire for choreography.

How competitive are pageants? Do things get seriously cut-throat?

Asked by no_el80 over 12 years ago

Pageants are about as competitive as any other sport, maybe even worse. In a pageant, there is not a team working together, there is only each girl fighting to be number one. Only one girl wins, and if the other girls have poor attitudes there is a lot of anger and bitterness that comes after that crowning moment. Don’t get me wrong, most of the girls in pageants know the importance of treasuring the experiencing and making amazing friends, but there are several who are very “cut-throat”. This sometimes comes in the form of them having poor attitude and sportsmanship leading up to the competition, but often it even extends past the crowning moment. All too often, the girls not crowned try and instigate the removal of the winner from their title either through pointing out a rule they may have broken or by digging up dirt on them. Before I won Miss Norco, I would have never imagined this happening to me, but sadly my first runner up even attempted to have my crown taken away so that she could be the queen. Luckily, I had worked extremely hard and was proud to walk away with the Congeniality, Committee, High Talent, High Swim Suit, Best Evening Gown, and Best Interview awards, so everyone knew that I deserved the title of Miss Norco and that no one was going to take it from me.

What are your career aspirations after you leave the pageant circuit?

Asked by senoritapage over 12 years ago

I personally I am a High School teacher, but I know that all of the contestants I have met have a variety of dreams and aspirations. Pageant girls are some of the most driven women in the world, and pageants prepare us in interviews, speaking, social relationships, and in self-discipline. What I have learned from the pageant world is that it is a great start on your journey to the top and it reminds you that all of your dreams are possible with a lot of hard work!

How much does it cost to enter a beauty pageant? Is there prize money?

Asked by alice.orr over 11 years ago


what is your best gift that you could give to mother earth?

Asked by ZEL about 8 years ago


What for you is the ideal Ms.intramurals?why?

Asked by Janah almost 7 years ago


What do you think makes someone beautiful?

Asked by PanaSayUh almost 5 years ago


Years ago, it was apparent that the Beauty Pageant industry focused on "looks" and "figures" of women ........and not as much emphasis on their brains, talents, and accomplishments. Has the industry changed as you see it? Also is their a minimum height requirement, as there was years ago?

Asked by gema over 12 years ago


If you found out that the winner of a pageant was friends with at least of two of the judges and it was verifiable, would you report it?

Asked by ms senior D almost 10 years ago


Have you encountered any gay contestants in your pageants? Do you think there's unspoken bias against them in that industry? A "don't ask, don't tell" kind of thing?

Asked by Jessica almost 12 years ago