Hospice Nurse

Hospice Nurse


Tuscumbia, AL

Female, 40

I have been a hospice Registered Nurse for about ten years. Hospice is similar to home health except specializing in care of the terminally ill, dying patient. A hospice nurse provides palliative care for the patient during their last months, weeks, days, or hours so they may pass in the comfort of their home and with their loved ones present. I provide comfort and dignity for the the patient and comfort for the caregiver. Following the peaceful passing of the patient I provide postmortem.

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My mother in law has been under hospice care for almost 3 years for last stage dementia. Weighs 70lbs & in fetal position. She is feed a pureed diet by mouth (3yrs) Can we request to stop food and/or fluids to let her pass?

Asked by sbjjmom almost 10 years ago


Do high doses of pain meds hasten death? My mom has bone cancer, and they’ve just increased her Fentayl patch dose to 200 mg. She was on one 100 mg patch, and had trouble staying awake then, now it’s double.

Asked by Missy over 4 years ago


Do respirators really make COVID worse?

Asked by df over 4 years ago


In what circumstances can encephalopathy be used as the primary terminal hospice diagnosis?

Asked by Melissa almost 10 years ago


A friend of mine had cancer and just a few hours before he lashed he wanted pushed what could that have meant? My friends wife did get behind him in bed and push on his back and he let out a deep breath

Asked by Lilsis02 over 7 years ago


what's the day to day like?

Asked by Ashley Hudgins about 10 years ago


The ALS patient, close to locked-in status, is having vivid dreams of departed loved ones, colors never before seen, sailing among the stars. Does this indicate death is close, or could it still be months away?Yes all are different but ballpark?

Asked by Grace about 10 years ago