Federal Lobbyist

Federal Lobbyist


Washington, DC

Male, 44

I've been a Federal lobbyist since 1998. During that time, I worked with Members of Congress, their staff, key Federal agency decision makers and 3 Presidential administrations (Clinton, Bush and Obama). I worked on a number of high level issues for clients and fought many legislative battles on Capitol Hill.

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Last Answer on March 04, 2013

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What times of year (or term) are the best for you in terms of driving new business? Is the inauguration like your Super Bowl?

Asked by OKChip almost 11 years ago

The beginning of the term is best because both parties and the White House talk about what they want to accomplish and clients are anxious to get in the game. For me, January 3 -- the first day of the new Congress is the "super bowl".

In the UK we think the U.S. filibuster is the craziest thing we've ever heard of. Do you think it's an important part of your democracy?

Asked by Brian almost 11 years ago

If it is used properly, the filibuster is important. Congress should debate proposed legislation fully; a filibuster allows that to happen. However, if a Senator invokes the filibuster -- and does nothing else --- he is abusing the process.

Assuming you have a significant other, is he/she also involved in politics? If not, does that create friction at home?

Asked by Mia almost 11 years ago

My wife does not have or want anything to do with politics, and what political views she does have are the opposite of mine. Sometimes, it does cause friction. But after several years of political debate on hundreds of issues, we initiated a "no political discussions at home" rule. I'm working on not breaking that rule too often.

What's a good "batting average" for a lobbyist? If you have say, 10 clients, how many of them will get what they want by enlisting your help?

Asked by Mo Cowbell almost 11 years ago

It really depends on what the client wants. Some things are easier to make happen than others. For example, it’s fairly easy to get a bill introduced in Congress. It’s more difficult to shepard it through Congress, get it passed and get it to the President. These days, getting Federal funding for programs is getting tougher; but there are ways to make it happen. Many times, a client doesn’t get exactly what they want, but they get a solution to their problem. If 10 clients make reasonable requests, 7 or 8 of them will get a solution to their problem. If a lobbyist claims they can win 100% of the time, there is a pretty good chance they are doing something unethical to make that happen.

Is "House of Cards" a good representation of how politics actually works?

Asked by smokey mirror almost 11 years ago

I haven't seen a full episode, but I did see the trailer. Based on my limited knowledge of the series, I'd say it's an exaggeration of how things work in Washington. Yes, there is quite a bit of backstabbing and backroom deals on Capitol Hill, but probably not enough to make for good television. I'm actually working on a documentary and a lobbying reality show to try and explain what really happens on Capitol Hill

Do you ever just get sick of dealing with politicians all day? Having worked with so many for so long, do you think most are just completely full of it?

Asked by Sammy $$$ almost 11 years ago

As long as you remember that politicians on every level are only in their own political self-interest, it isn't bad. The best way to lobby is to appeal to their self interest.

OMG, that 10-question quiz idea before voting on a bill is BRILLIANT. Did you actually take on that client's request? Why or why not?

Asked by slowgrind almost 11 years ago

No, I did not actually take it. I could tell that the proposal would not get very far and I do not want to waste time pushing an issue that likely won't get far. Also, lobbyists who push those type of issues are not taken seriously by Members of Congress and staff. That's not a good reputaton to have.