Security / Bodyguard

Security / Bodyguard


Toronto, ON

Male, 21

I have worked in Toronto's private security industry for the past three years. From babysitting an outdoor art supplies tent on a chilly night to escorting celebs at the Junos, I have undertaken (just about) every imaginable role in the civilian security business. Currently, I am an event security team supervisor and close protection officer (bodyguard).
I can't guarantee that I know the answer, but I will certainly try my best. Ask away!

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Last Answer on January 03, 2013

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Is there actually an expectation that you'd throw yourself in front of a bullet that's meant for someone you're guarding?

Asked by pistol pete about 11 years ago

Absolutely not. You won't find me abandoning the principal to save my own ass if bullets did start flying, but that stems from a personal sense of duty rather than any contractual obligation. The bright side is that your average celebrity, no matter how famous, is a relatively low risk for assassination. Nightclub doormen and armored car guys are much more likely to be shot at.

What's the strangest request that a client's made?

Asked by Tyalor about 11 years ago

"Could you walk me to my car? I've got about 80Gs in my backpack." Out of curiosity, I asked to hold the bag. It was surprisingly light. And there was at least two times that amount already in the trunk. I distinctly remember thinking that people rob banks for far less.

What is the protocol for protecting a client in an elevator? Do you let others in? Where do you stand?

Asked by Matt over 3 years ago


When om a bodyguard in ontario canada an I have my license. If a person pays me for the month to be there bodyguard how do I do my taxes

Asked by jason about 10 years ago


Why are bodyguards fat? I get that want to look imposing, but don't you want a fast / agile guy protecting you?

Asked by g.burns77 about 11 years ago


Does anyone ever hire you not because they ACTUALLY fear for their safety but just because they think having a bodyguard is a status symbol?

Asked by sammyslaw about 11 years ago


Where is the best place to work this job?

Asked by Kay over 4 years ago