Peaceful Valley Farm

La Selva Beach, CA

Female, 47

I've been a full-time farmer for a couple of years now. Our farm is rather small and very diverse. We raise rare and endangered breeds of turkeys and chickens. We also have alpacas, sheep, goats, geese, and recently harvested a 500-lb pig that we raised from a piglet! We grow organically, using heirloom seed stock. I'm able to provide meat and most of the vegetables for our family of 5. In the Spring and Summer, we sell chicks and eggs and have educational farm camps for kids.

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Last Answer on January 28, 2013

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Do they use human waste as fertilizer?

Asked by samuel watkins over 7 years ago


How has being a farmer changed what your diet consists of, if at all?

Asked by Beantown Benny over 7 years ago


Do farmers get any special tax breaks for doing what they do?

Asked by brikhaus over 7 years ago