Professional Garbologist

Professional Garbologist


14 Years Experience

Harrisburg, PA

Female, 48

No, really, I am a state employee working in our Environmental Protection program. I have worked in the Waste Management program for nearly fifteen years. I have looked at the waste handling practices from about any type of facility you can think of, from food producers to hospitals to plating shops, and where the waste goes, like incinerators and landfills. My days are rarely dull, as I supervise ten inspectors and am usually the regulatory tie-breaker. My ideal day is a day in the field.

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Last Answer on November 05, 2019

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Hey you should answer the questions from 5-6 years ago just for the fun of it.

Asked by Ding dong daddy, ding dong daddy, ding dong daddy 7 months ago

Done, enjoy!

Are you scared of COVID? Are people who deal with trash at a higher risk?

Asked by asdf about 1 month ago


Hello, How are you? Are you a democrat?

Asked by Alex 7 months ago


Do you have to work sundays?

Asked by Henry 7 months ago


What is the best and worst part of your job. Would you recommend someone to do this job?

Asked by Dallas 6 months ago