Social Security Employee

Social Security Employee

Government Peon

Metropolis, US

Female, 45

Sorry about that hiatus - I got sidetracked in life, but I'm back!
I work in the largest Social Security office in my area, working primarily with disabled individuals, but I have my hands in all aspects of what our agency does. Retirement, disability, survivors, SSN cards, the whole shebang.
I love what I do, and do my best to juggle the work which is far too much for one person to complete. I work with other hard workers, and some who are just taking up space.

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Last Answer on May 25, 2013

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I appreciate the *idea* of disability, and agree there should be some compensation for getting hurt on the job. But short of being completely paralyzed, couldn't most injured people still work SOME kind of job after the fact?

Asked by Larkin J. about 11 years ago

Sometimes I think so too, but I don't make the medical decisions so my opinion doesn't count to the big guys upstairs.

do many SS Employees wish to be ALJ(disability judges) someday.

Asked by draino about 10 years ago