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Police Officer


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Around the Way, FL

Male, 40

Cheating death and fighting communism: that is how a fellow officer once described our job. It was meant to be funny, but as time went on it seemed all too true.

I spent more than ten years in law enforcement, all of it on the street in uniform patrol. I've been a patrol officer, instructor, sergeant and lieutenant.

Do not report crimes here. Nothing here should be considered legal advice. All opinions are my own.

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Last Answer on October 29, 2014

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Are cops allowed to lie when interrogating a witness? Like, could they say "we already have your prints on the gun, so just confess to save time" even if it's not true? How about promising a lighter sentences - can they offer that and then reneg?

Asked by darrynscholes almost 12 years ago

Yes and no. Some lies are ok, but some are not. Criminals lie to cops constantly, and it is my job to figure out what the truth is. Suggesting I have more information that I actually do is one way that I can get a criminal to trip themselves up in their lies. But, with all things, a court is going to determine if an officer's actions were reasonable. Generally, promises of a lighter punishment, not being prosecuted, etc. you cannot lie about.

Why do some cops still ride horses? Is that just for tradition's sake, or is there some practical reason for it?

Asked by naynay almost 12 years ago

Depends on the department. Most agencies do not have mounted officers. However, horses are very good for assisting with crowd control. I think New Orleans and NYC still have mounted units exactly for that reason. Also, for rural areas, horses can go a lot of places that vehicles cannot. So, they also make sense for some departments that have to patrol or conduct search and rescue in rugged environments.

You mentioned that you'd hate being a detective, but why is that? What kind of cops are drawn to detective work?

Asked by watson almost 12 years ago

I enjoy working in uniform patrol as I am responding to crimes and emergencies as they are happening, not merely following up on a case later. A detective's life is fairly routine, whereas a patrol cop's day is completely unpredictable. It isn't a simple matter to quantify who wants to be a detective. Some officers make the move because they like taking a major case and running it to its conclusion no matter how long it takes. Other guys make the move simply because of a pay increase or they want the weekends off. A lot of officers transfer over just as a change of scenery. There are a lot of perks for being a detective, but its just not a job thats interested me.

If you're off-duty with family/friends and you see one of them doing something mildly illegal, do you act as a cop in that instance? E.g., your 19-year-old nephew has a beer at the family BBQ, or your poker buddy drives home after he's had a few ...

Asked by Darren S. almost 12 years ago

I'd never allow anything that puts the public at risk to happen in my presence. So the idea that I'd let a friend/family member drive if he/she is intoxicated is alien to me. I deal with the consequences of other people's actions all day, and I don't tolerate stupidity around me. The family and friends I associate with aren't involved in criminal activity, so it isn't typically a problem.

Do you wear a bulletproof vest at all times on the job?

Asked by Kev-Lar almost 12 years ago


Do cops really have high divorce rates?

Asked by the bam almost 12 years ago

I don't know what the specific rates of divorce are, but I suspect the numbers are higher in law enforcement than in other professions. There are probably many more people that are better qualified to answer the "why," but I can give you a few things that don't help: shift work, working on holidays, working on off days, sitting in court all day instead of taking the kids to the beach, rarely seeing your spouse due to your work schedule, the high-stress environment tends to negatively affect the home life, spouses don't like the idea of their cop being hurt or killed and pressure them to leave the job, etc. There are a lot of things about police work that negatively impact a marriage. Many cops will tell you that you're still a rookie if you are still on your first marriage. Sad, but closer to reality than comfortable.

If you ask to search someone's veihicle and they refuse, do you assume they've got something to hide?

Asked by Slam J 74 almost 12 years ago

Not really. Chances are I'd decline to give consent to an officer for search my vehicle as well. Of course, I wouldn't ask for consent to search a vehicle without some suspicion of criminal activity to begin with. So, the mere act of declining consent wouldn't affect my suspicions one way or another.