Birthday Party Clown

Birthday Party Clown

Rosie The Clown

Toronto, ON

Female, 19?

I've been a practicing Birthday Party Clown for 22 years. What other job is there where you can go to a party, have lots of fun, be the centre of attention and get well paid? I enjoy visiting with all kinds of people, experiencing many different cultures and seeing a variety of places. There's never a dull moment. Well, almost never. In addition to birthday parties, I entertain at fairs, picnics, corporate events, club parties, university parties and at any event that sounds like fun.

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Last Answer on November 13, 2018

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Do you like children?

Asked by Marcel over 5 years ago

Yes, Marcel.

What kind of education did you have before you decided to be a clown or is it not your primary job?

Asked by LeakTom almost 7 years ago

Hello, LeakTom.

Thank you for your question regarding education. Did you know that clowns are not allowed to go to school? Do you think that's fair? I've studied math and reading on my own, and I often check my answers with children whom I meet; I'm sure that one day, I'll get an answer right.

My business manager and identical twin sister, Laura, has a bachelor's degree. That's odd, as she's not a bachelor, but then, many school things don't make sense.

What education do you have, LeakTom? Have you learned things that are useful to you? Would you like to share some highlights?

Is it hard to always be funny?

Asked by Leon74 over 5 years ago

Hello, Leon. Thanks for your question. I suppose it would be hard to be funny all the time, if that was what clowns do. It’s people who are funny. Clowns only help them to see themselves more clearly in the human comedy. Because people are all different, after decades of clowning, our comic interchanges are effortlessly fresh and new. It's no work at all.

How do you become a birthday party clown? Is there some kind of special school or something?

Asked by Becoming a Birtday Party Clown about 6 years ago

Hello. Thanks for your question. There's no school for becoming a birthday party clown that I know of. (Clowns don't know much, though.) 

There are ways to get training. I started by apprenticing with a bp clown -- I tagged along to parties and learned how it was done. Throughout my career, I've increased my skills by attending workshops sponsored by local and national groups, such as clown alleys and clown associations. Clown alleys are great places to learn from experienced professionals. Do you have one nearby to you?

What should you know when doing birthday parties. Skill wise. I’m just starting out and want to be fully prepared.

Asked by Dizzy the clown or Pattie about 2 years ago


Why are so many people scared of clowns?

Asked by Jack about 4 years ago


I am a (quite childlike) older teen, and periodically get very sad about having never had a birthday clown at my childhood parties. As a clown yourself, would you deem it odd for a near-adult to hire a birthday party clown?

Asked by Ari over 3 years ago