School Teacher

School Teacher


Chicago, IL

Female, 33

Changing lives and saving the world. I've taught various grade levels in MA, CA, and IL., always at schools with progressive education philosophies. So I've done zip-lines & ropes courses, traveled abroad with students, taught Sex Ed, done service work, performed in teacher-student talent shows, and initiated lots and lots of dialogue about friendships. The longer I taught, the more I realized it's the emotional and social lives of kids, rather than the subject I teach, that I really dig.

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Last Answer on December 22, 2012

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What if you lose something at school and it's in lost in found and another kid takes it. What would happen ?

Asked by Nicole about 4 years ago


As a teacher, can you tell which students might have a crush on you? (Because I'm in high school and have a slight crush on my history teacher, and wondered if he could tell.)

Asked by Rexy Stewart almost 3 years ago


Why do teachers really give out group projects?

Asked by Anonymous over 1 year ago


how do you deal w/poorly behaved students that are a bane to the classroom, but aren't *quite* bad enough to get kicked out of school or moved to special ed? are there ways to contain them?

Asked by dana over 5 years ago


Who do teachers have tenure? Can't think of too many other jobs that have anything similar.

Asked by fun_in_boise over 5 years ago


What do you do when a parent is rude/out of line and you disagree with their parenting style. Does that make it more difficult to teach or work with their child?

Asked by Tina over 5 years ago


How do you deal with students who come to school constantly coughing or develop a chronic cough while in class?

Asked by John Delatorre over 3 years ago