"The Onion" Contributors

"The Onion" Contributors

Mike & Jilly

Toronto , ON

Male, 27

Michael MacDonald and Jilly Gagnon edit and write for Canada's Pre-Eminent News Source, The Smew (smew.com), a Canadian satirical website. Michael contributes weekly to The Onion while Jilly contributes to McSweeney's. Of course we work other jobs to actually make rent.

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Last Answer on May 17, 2012

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Have either of you ever written material for a stand-up? Is writing humor for spoken word significantly different than for the written word?

Asked by GK over 9 years ago


Do you think having The Onion move its headquarters in NYC was ultimately a good or bad thing? There's something kind of cool in having something so interesting/irreverent NOT coming from a big city.

Asked by slowride over 9 years ago


I think my brother has a knack for writing Onion-type headlines. Yet the Onion claims not to accept submissions. How would you suggest he go about getting his material in front of an Onion editor?

Asked by Jake over 8 years ago


If the Onion is all about the headlines, why do they even bother writing articles?

Asked by Belle Weather about 9 years ago


Do you think the thing where the Boy Scouts where doing breast exams was a little too far?

Asked by Tj over 1 year ago