Car Salesman

Car Salesman


Los Angeles, CA

Male, 33

I sold luxury cars in Los Angeles, quickly learning all tricks of the trade … which I’m happy to share with you. Between the staff and the clientele, one can only imagine the range of personalities I encountered.

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Last Answer on May 17, 2012

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Im buying a used car. The price is 16.9k, $387 a mth. I have to bring 4k down. Will I have to bring more money for additional fees, or will that be factored in into the total vehicle purchase?

Asked by Dash over 6 years ago


What's the biggest lie you ever told (or heard another car sales guy tell) to a customer?

Asked by Shannon about 7 years ago


If I have to bring 4k down, will I have to come out of my pocket for additional monies. Or will all the fees and other stuff be factored in to the total price of the car?

Asked by Dash over 6 years ago