New York, NY

Male, 33

I bartended for three years in NYC and San Francisco … for better or worse. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on January 22, 2013

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Do bartenders pay taxes on tips?

Asked by sylbot almost 9 years ago


What is the best way to prepare to become a bartender (other than getting your license)?

Asked by Silas over 7 years ago


What do you have to do to get your bartending license? In tennessee, you can get it when you're 18. Do you think they'd hire someone under 21 to be a bartender?

Asked by Jen over 7 years ago


How long would it take someone with reasonable intelligence but zero bartending experience to become competent enough to get by?

Asked by Alabama slammer almost 9 years ago


How do you remember how to make all the drinks?

Asked by boozehound almost 9 years ago